Make-up Bag Essentials

Whether you are a beginner when it comes to make-up or a pro, there are a few items that you have to have in your make-up bag. Of-course it is different for everyone, depending upon how much make-up you usually use but there are definitely certain items that can help you create a go-to everyday look.c600x287

Take a look below if you’re wondering what true make-up bag essentials you really need and why.

1. Kajal: The number one staple item in your make-up bag has to be kajal or kohl (whatever you want to call it). Goes without saying, when you line your waterline with kajal, it awakens your eyes giving you the most intense look instantly and instilling a feeling of confidence. No woman, in my opinion, should ever be found committing the crime of not having a kajal in her make-up bag. Why? Because it not only lines the waterline but can also be used as an eyeliner (which, if you smudge, can give you a sultry smokey-eye look).

Ā kajal

2. Mascara: Like I said in my post on ‘Make-up on a budget’, mascara can be applied to lengthen, thicken, darken, build, curl (yes, curl !! Many mascaras do curl your lashes as well and if you happen to have one that does, then you can skip number 3 on the list and hop on to number 4) or define the eyelashes and also to make your eyes look more feminine. Many women consider it as the one thing they can’t do without and neither can I. So, why should you? šŸ˜›


3. Eyelash curler:Ā Something that, if used before applying mascara to your lashes, can make your eyes look wider and brighter by curling you eyelashes and giving them a well defined shape. QUICK TIP: For a better curl, heat the curler with a hair dryer for a quick few seconds (don’t burn it though because the skin above the eyes is extremely delicate). And try to be extremely careful and delicate when using an eyelash curler, you don’t want to yank out your lashes or create a weird looking bent right?


4.Lip Balm: A lip care staple you probably won’t want your make-up bag to be without. Trust me. It has multiple uses. Starting with the obvious one – It is the perfect solution for chapped lips. Use it often and you won’t ever complain of the same. Do you get a dry nose from the tissue you use when you have a cold? I DO. I CONSTANTLY DO. ONCE/TWICE EVERY MONTH. GOSH I HATE THE CHRONIC COLD. I HAVE IT RIGHT NOW AS I WRITE. Anyway, I guess I will rant in some other post. I was just saying you can use the lip balm on your nose when you’re done wiping it with tissue. It will help save your nose from drying later. Also, please don’t use a sticky or flavor-y lip balm. Vaseline is your best bet (I use the same šŸ˜› and it costs only Rs 5).

vaselineLT_01901-1990805. Foundation: Is there a need to say that it has to be a no-show-foundation? Want a flawless looking skin, or rather an illusion of the same? Then a foundation is a must. Foundation can cover your acne, blemishes, scars, redness, even out your skin tone, protect your skin from sun if it has SPF… the list goes on. Do you still need another reason why a foundation has to be one of the ‘must-have’ items in your make-up bag?


6. Concealer: A concealer is for spot treatment. Whatever imperfection a foundation failed to hide, concealer takes care of that especially under eye dark circles, blemishes and acne spots. It should, in no way, be applied all over the face. That’s what a foundation is for, not a concealer. Always apply concealer after foundation.


7. Face Powder: Now that you have a foundation and a concealer added to your make-up bag, a face powder will complete the set. A face powder makes sure that your face remains shine-free and gives you a matte finish on the face. It also sets your foundation and concealer. You can also use it alone if you so want. Perfect for touch-ups during the day to keep you looking flawless.


8. Blush: Why keep a blush in your make-up bag? Because it gives you a rosy glow on your cheeks and defines the cheek bones and adds life to your face. It instantly brightens a dull looking face. Why should you not have a blush as a staple in your make-up bag?


9. Q-tip: Cotton swabs/cotton buds/ear buds/q-tip whatever you want to call it, you MUST have it. What do you do when you accidentally smear your eyeliner or mascara and smudge your kajal? Instead of removing the make-up entirely, dip a q-tip in your make-up remover and swipe it gently wherever your make-up needs correction.


10. Expert Face Brush:Ā Last but not the least, you have got to have a brush in your bag to apply all the foundation, powder, blush… right? Instead of investing in an entire kit, just buy one all-purpose face brush. And what better than a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. It does it all. From applying foundation to setting it with powder, it DOES IT ALL. I absolutely love it and it is so dense and unique, it works the product into the skin without leaving any trace. GOT TO HAVE IT!!


Am I forgetting anything? Oh! and of-course you gotta have a make-up bag to store the ‘MAKE-UP BAG’ essentials šŸ˜›



5 thoughts on “Make-up Bag Essentials

  1. if you have many makeup bags to choose from please do a post šŸ˜€ I don’t find myself liking anything I have, maybe I’ll find something better in your collection. Have a great day! xx

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