5 Work Wear Worthy Lipsticks

I’m a sucker for bright shades of lipsticks (and shoes and bags and… oh wth i’m a sucker for everything pretty). Now even though bright lippies are off the agenda at the office, it, in no way, implies that we can’t have fun with colors anymore, right? Ever since I’ve got a “big girl’s” job, I’ve realised something – getting “dressed” for work IS a task (in the words of my sis). Nevertheless, I won’t let this get in the way of us all looking our absolute best at work. So here’s a list of work wear worthy lipstick shades that will make you  go pop even without the pop of bright, bold colors:

MAC Angel


The most gorgeous and the most subtle lipstick shade ever!! It is the nicest pink-beige color that you’d want to wear everyday, literally. The perfect lip color for that hint of pink on your pretty pout. Since it’s a frost, it glides on easily and smoothly and keeps your lips moisturized.

REVLON Color Burst Lipcolor – Mauve


 This is a very pretty mauve and it may seem like MAC angel dupe and it is in a way. This shade has a purple undertone to it which suits most indian skin tones. Perfect for not only office wear but also for everyday wear.

CHAMBOR Fantaisie Nacre


Fantaisie Nacre is a very warm burgundy shade. The pigmentation is quite nice and has a matte finish to it. And since it is matte, it has a good staying power. If you cannot stand the feel of dry lips so much then applying  a lip balm before the lipstick would be a good idea.

L’OREAL PARIS Color Riche Nutrishine Lipstick – Vivid Rose


Now you must be thinking that this shade cannot be worn to work as it seems bright. Yes it only seems bright. It is extremely sheer as far as the pigmentation is concerned. It gives a very nice glossy effect to the lips. On a single swipe, it will give you only a hint of pink but after 2 or 3 swipes, the color will come out more beautifully. So, for the work place one swipe should be good and an evening out with pals 2 or 3 swipes should suffice.

FACES Go Chic Lipstick – Chestnut Brown


Chestnut Brown is a very deep red color and is perfect for office wear and everyday wear. The best thing about this lipstick is that it is very pocket friendly and gives a very neutral look which is perfect for office wear.

Here’s the top 5 tried and tested shades of lipsticks that are perfect for work. What other shades do you wear to work?


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