Grey and Bronze Eye Makeup Tutorial

Here’s an Eye Makeup Tutorial for starters. Based on your votes (a BIG thanks to the ladies who voted :* ), I prepared a step-by-step guide to Grey and Bronze eye makeup tutorial for you! The moment I reached home from work, I started working on the tutorial and I would have posted this last night but thanks to my internet connection, I just couldn’t. I finally gave up after 4 hours of trying to connect. Anywho..  So I finally managed to get my internet working and God knows how impatient I was to have this one posted online. I guess I can ramble on about my issues with internet in some other post, but for now, here are the steps:

STEP 1: Start with a clean eye and apply eye primer which is also optional (it only helps the makeup last long. Exactly what a face primer does for face, an eye primer does for eyes). And in case you have pigmentation (discoloration, dark circles…) on your eyes like I do, it’s better to use a concealer first.


STEP 2: Apply any shade of grey or black (if you wish) and cover your entire lid. It does not have to be perfect for now because we will be blending it in the next step anyway. Just make sure that the grey/black covers your lid and just be gentle with the application. Slightly dab the color on the lid with a base shadow brush.


STEP 3: Take a blending brush now and blend any harsh lines to make it look softer.

A good blending brush makes it…… (continue reading…)


SF Weekend Poll

It’s time for the Weekend poll again!

I’ve been struggling to find a balance between work and keeping my blog updated. Given the fact that it takes me about an hour to commute to and fro work, it does sometime take a toll on me. For me, it isn’t the usual 9-5 job but an 8-7.30 one *sigh*.  But then again, I have a job that I… (click here for more)

How to wear a Blazer – 3 Outfits

That time of the year when it’s too cold with the air conditioning and too hot without it (thanks to the beginning of chill in the air), that time of the year when you are just about done packing away your shorts and sleeveless tops *sigh*. It’s that confusing time of the year when you don’t quite know what to wear that will keep you both warm and cool at the same time. It’s time to unpack (or at least add to your wardrobe if you don’t already have it) THE blazers! And I show you how to wear a blazer with 3 basic outfits

A lot of people think that when it comes to blazers, you can never have too many outfit ideas. I’d like to think otherwise. Blazers can be teamed with a lot of things starting from distressed or boyfriend jeans to flared dresses (talking about flared dresses look how perfectly Kim Kardashian is carrying off this look), from cropped  trousers to short shorts. Blazers are not a man’s thing anymore.The only thing to consider is the fit. As far as blazers are concerned, the fit has to be perfect. But in dire situations, a size smaller will do but not a size bigger. No matter what you plan to wear it with, make sure that it’s the perfect size.

Take a look at what all you can team a chic blazer with

Black blazer white dress

The black and white combination can never go out of style. A white dress paired with a black blazer or vice versa looks very classy! It lends a contrast to the entire outfit and of course when you pair it with a subtle pink lipstick (say MAC Hue or MAC Angel), it adds to sophistication and elegance. Of course for a little pop of color, you could….

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5 Work Wear Worthy Lipsticks

I’m a sucker for bright shades of lipsticks (and shoes and bags and… oh wth i’m a sucker for everything pretty). Now even though bright lippies are off the agenda at the office, it, in no way, implies that we can’t have fun with colors anymore, right? Ever since I’ve got a “big girl’s” job, I’ve realised something – getting “dressed” for work IS a task (in the words of my sis). Nevertheless, I won’t let this get in the way of us all looking our absolute best at work. So here’s a list of work wear worthy lipstick shades that will make you  go pop even without the pop of bright, bold colors:

MAC Angel


The most gorgeous and the most subtle lipstick shade ever!! It is the nicest pink-beige color that you’d want to wear everyday, literally. The perfect lip color for that hint of pink on your pretty pout. Since it’s a frost, it glides on easily and smoothly and keeps your lips moisturized.

REVLON Color Burst Lipcolor – Mauve


 This is a very pretty mauve and it may seem like MAC angel dupe and it is in a way. This shade has a purple undertone to it which suits most indian skin tones. Perfect for not only office wear but also for everyday wear.

CHAMBOR Fantaisie Nacre


Fantaisie Nacre is a very warm burgundy shade. The pigmentation is quite nice and has a matte finish to it. And since it is matte, it has a good staying power. If you cannot stand the feel of dry lips so much then applying  a lip balm before the lipstick would be a good idea.

L’OREAL PARIS Color Riche Nutrishine Lipstick – Vivid Rose


Now you must be thinking that this shade cannot be worn to work as it seems bright. Yes it only seems bright. It is extremely sheer as far as the pigmentation is concerned. It gives a very nice glossy effect to the lips. On a single swipe, it will give you only a hint of pink but after 2 or 3 swipes, the color will come out more beautifully. So, for the work place one swipe should be good and an evening out with pals 2 or 3 swipes should suffice.

FACES Go Chic Lipstick – Chestnut Brown


Chestnut Brown is a very deep red color and is perfect for office wear and everyday wear. The best thing about this lipstick is that it is very pocket friendly and gives a very neutral look which is perfect for office wear.

Here’s the top 5 tried and tested shades of lipsticks that are perfect for work. What other shades do you wear to work?

Long Time No Blogging!

Things have been rather busy around lately. Abandoned this blog for long. I have been wanting to write but I never really got to do it. But now that I’m blogging again, let me tell you it sure does feel good. Work had me tied up all this while. There were moments when I’d just want to take a quick break from work and JUST blog. But ofcourse that couldn’t happen.

But why did I decide to pen in the blog today? All I needed, I guess, was a little push and thanks to my work friends, I am now doing what I love doing the most! I can say I am definitely back after a pretty long hiatus. But this time I want to atleast try sticking to it. We always find the time to do what we want to do. This is something that I not only want to do but also love to do. Yesterday, I found time to hit the gym (btw this was the longest break from the gym I’ve ever taken – 4 months and it sure had its effects on me *sigh*) and today I found time to write a post (even if it is 6 in the morning) and I’m totally loving it!

So here’s to a fresh new start! Oh and what a beautiful morning! Check out the view!Image

5 Awesome reasons why you must NEVER miss a workout !

You know that feeling when everyone at your workplace is talking about how much weight they have put on over the years in service and you grin like the Grinch because you workout ? Well, THAT I’m not feeling. As much as I’d like to be included in this grinning-like-the-Grinch category, I can’t. I JUST CAN’T.

I have been trying to fit exercise into my (busy) schedule but I just don’t feel motivated enough. I don’t even have the time to watch Grey’s Anatomy anymore, let alone cementing an exercise habit or a session at the gym.

I need a push every once in a while to stop pigging out and start working out instead. So I went ahead and made a list of all the great and awesome reasons why you must NEVER miss a workout. So, here’s my list:

1. Actions form habits: I once (thrice to be honest) read this book by Robin Sharma – The monk who sold his Ferrari, and the author talks about how if you do something regularly for 21 days, it becomes your habit. Now consider this – I have already not been working out for over two months. You do the thinking part now!! I’m not saying going back to the healthier routine is going to be a task, just the first few days maybe!

2. The Good-Looking factor: One thing that’s really pushing me to hit the gym ASAP is the fact that the clothes I wear have started to look something like those of ermm Incredible Hulk? Because when his body transforms into this ginormous not-so-not-ugly-looking monster, his clothes rip off? I mean mine are not really close to shreds but yeah about like 2% of it? I have stopped making sense. So what I really mean to say is that nobody wants to not look good, right? And working out makes sure that your mind doesn’t wander so much so that you stop making sense of what you are saying. AND working out also makes sure you keep looking good (minus the Hulk’s shredded clothes).

3. Stress-buster: I could really use a stress buster right now. Like RIGHT RIGHT now. I’ve been so stressed lately that it has started taking a toll on me! The reason? Well I colored my hair Ombre a few months back and post that I have lost all the shine and smoothness and all things good that my hair had and that I proudly flaunted! That adds to the stress alright! Now how does working out help reduces stress? Well, you’ve heard of the hormone Endorphin that’s released in the brain when you exercise, right? That’s the feel good hormone which actually destroys the feel bad hormone – Cortisol.

4. A treat for yourself: A fraction of the reason I work(ed)out was for food. Right! Now you want logic? Well, when you know you can’t have something (in my case it would be junk food (writing junk food makes me feel as if I’m writing a school essay)) that’s when you want it the most. And considering the fact that eating out every other day does no good to you or your body, avoiding it is definitely the better option. So, when you workout 4-5 days a week avoiding all the “bad” foods, 1. your body thanks you, 2. when you do get to eat the “bad” foods (I mean only 1 off the 7 days you are not working out), you relish it and i mean you “RELISH” it.

5. Better sleep: When you start to feel like your alarm clock is your arch nemesis, it’s time someone told you that you aren’t sleeping well. Because exercising exhausts you physically (read double physical exhaustion if you work), you get to have a more restful and better and calm and relaxing sleep. AND you sleep early. AND you wake up early. AND these are also all the things that the author asks you to follow in the book I mentioned above.

Also when something is a priority (take Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale for example), you always take time out for it. So make Working out your priority and you will definitely take out time for that too.

 I’m starting my workout from tomorrow. When are you? 😀