Make-up Bag – The Best Beauty Buy

Have a lot of cosmetics and don’t know how to organize them? A make-up drawer is one option but you can’t possibly carry them everywhere you go. What you have to have is a Make-up bag. In order to avoid your cosmetics from being cluttered and messy, invest in a good cosmetic bag and you can keep all your make-up worries at bay.

Whether you need a make-up bag to stash in only your brushes or all your make-up essentials, they come in all sizes and variants which makes it easier to choose one.

I’m sure all the make-up hoarders (including me) want their make-up bags to be as pretty as their make-up collection, so considering this, here are some of the options that you have:

(All the bags below are available at in case you wish to purchase them)


Unique Dots Pattern Double Layer Cosmetic bag ($9.99) (approx Rs. 540)

Kingsley Travel Cosmetics Bag ($7.81) (approx Rs.425)

Vera Bradley Large Cosmetic Bag ($30) (approx Rs. 1630)

Mary Jane Large Cosmetic Bag in White Toile Oilcloth ($13) (approx. Rs. 700)

White Waffle Weave Cosmetic Make-up Toiletries Travel Bag ($9.95) (approx. Rs. 540)

Kate Spade New York La Pavillion Small Henrietta Cosmetic Case ($38.74) (approx. Rs. 2110)

Rockland Luggage Luca Vergani 2 Piece Cosmetic Set ($22) (approx. Rs. 1200)

Spring clean your make-up today and buy a make-up bag if y you haven’t already. It’ll be worth it 🙂

Thankyou Amria for the make-up bag post idea. I tweaked the original post a bit (not a bit, I’d say a lot 😛 ) so that you could purchase the bags too if you wanted.



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