5 Work Wear Worthy Lipsticks

I’m a sucker for bright shades of lipsticks (and shoes and bags and… oh wth i’m a sucker for everything pretty). Now even though bright lippies are off the agenda at the office, it, in no way, implies that we can’t have fun with colors anymore, right? Ever since I’ve got a “big girl’s” job, I’ve realised something – getting “dressed” for work IS a task (in the words of my sis). Nevertheless, I won’t let this get in the way of us all looking our absolute best at work. So here’s a list of work wear worthy lipstick shades that will make you  go pop even without the pop of bright, bold colors:

MAC Angel


The most gorgeous and the most subtle lipstick shade ever!! It is the nicest pink-beige color that you’d want to wear everyday, literally. The perfect lip color for that hint of pink on your pretty pout. Since it’s a frost, it glides on easily and smoothly and keeps your lips moisturized.

REVLON Color Burst Lipcolor – Mauve


 This is a very pretty mauve and it may seem like MAC angel dupe and it is in a way. This shade has a purple undertone to it which suits most indian skin tones. Perfect for not only office wear but also for everyday wear.

CHAMBOR Fantaisie Nacre


Fantaisie Nacre is a very warm burgundy shade. The pigmentation is quite nice and has a matte finish to it. And since it is matte, it has a good staying power. If you cannot stand the feel of dry lips so much then applying  a lip balm before the lipstick would be a good idea.

L’OREAL PARIS Color Riche Nutrishine Lipstick – Vivid Rose


Now you must be thinking that this shade cannot be worn to work as it seems bright. Yes it only seems bright. It is extremely sheer as far as the pigmentation is concerned. It gives a very nice glossy effect to the lips. On a single swipe, it will give you only a hint of pink but after 2 or 3 swipes, the color will come out more beautifully. So, for the work place one swipe should be good and an evening out with pals 2 or 3 swipes should suffice.

FACES Go Chic Lipstick – Chestnut Brown


Chestnut Brown is a very deep red color and is perfect for office wear and everyday wear. The best thing about this lipstick is that it is very pocket friendly and gives a very neutral look which is perfect for office wear.

Here’s the top 5 tried and tested shades of lipsticks that are perfect for work. What other shades do you wear to work?



Betty Bright | MAC Satin finish Lipstick | MAC describes Betty Bright as – “light vibrant peach”

“Color plus texture for the lips that helped make M•A•C famous. Limited-edition packaging features Blonde-Next-Door Betty”

One of the three lipsticks from the Betty Collection, Betty Bright is a gorgeous lust-worthy pink-y Coral lipstick with a yellow undertone. Since it happens to be a limited edition, the collection will not stick around for a long time. I snatched this lipstick as soon as I swatched it (Yes, it was an impulsive purchase *not proud*). Anyhow, so I disagree with what MAC describes Betty Bright as because the color leans more towards vibrant coral than peach. Also this shade will change depending on your skin tone. The darker the skin tone, the brighter it will appear.

This limited edition shade comes in a super cute all white Archie’s inspired packaging and the tube has only Betty featured on it (Of-course because it is from the Betty Collection).






I have all the nicest things to say about Betty Bright but one. It makes your lips look crumbly and quite parched and nobody wants all the spotlight on the tiniest dry flake on your lips that is accentuated with this finish (which is quite annoying). And personally I feel it just looks so much better when you only dab it. Applying it generously will only make the flaws on your lips more prominent.


  • Non-drying
  • Smooth and easy application
  • Perfect color for summers
  • Long-lasting
  • Extremely pigmented
  • Soft creamy texture helps in effortless application


  • Not hydrating
  • Exfoliation of lips is necessary before application
  • Settles into the fines lines on your lips
  • Limited edition

Longevity : 4.5/5

Pigmentation : 5/5

Texture : 4/5

Price : Rs 1100/-

Would I recommend? Yes because for one, it is limited edition. Two, it is a gorgeous drool-worthy coral shade.

Have you bought anything from the Archie’s collection yet?

Review | MAC Ruby Woo


Ruby Woo | MAC Matte finish Lipstick | MAC describes Ruby Woo as – very matte vivid blue-red

My search for the HOLYGRAIL red lipstick ends here! This Lipstick is THE lipstick to have. To be honest, I was very sceptical of purchasing this at first because one, Matte was never really my thing, and two, I thought it would never (and I mean NEVER) compliment my skin tone. And I had absolutely given up hope ( there wasn’t any to begin with 😛 ) of finding the perfect red. Enter Ruby Woo and all my red lipstick dilemmas face instant death! 

There’s a shade of red for you that’s meant to be and if you believe and have faith, you WILL find it. Just like I did 😀 😀 

On a more serious note.. MAC Ruby Woo is a part of MAC’s permanent collection and is one lipstick that suits all the skin tones. Want evidence? Just log on to YouTube and you’ll know. When I think Ruby Woo I think Marilyn Monroe. A classic retro red. Gives you a classic 40s/50s pin-up girl look. Now since it’s a Matte finish, it IS very drying. you have to prep and prime your lips before you apply it (goes without saying, right?). I would highly recommend using a moisturising lip balm before you wear it. But what I love the most about this lipsticks is that it doesn’t show any of your lips’ flaws inspite of being matte and so drying. And how can you not notice the vanilla scent it has? It just makes you want to wear it over and over again. 


  • Lasts long (realllllly long) without budging, smearing, smudging, feathering or bleeding 
  • When applied, it doesn’t show your lips’ imperfections
  • Ultra pigmented
  • Perfect balance of warm and cool undertones
  • Looks ravishing on all complexions
  • Very Marilyn Monroe-y
  • The colour doesn’t transfer to glasses (which I absolutely love)
  • Looks uber sexy with minimal eye makeup
  • Vanilla scented
  • Two strokes are more than enough to get the perfect colour


  • The only con I can think of is that it is drying because of its Matte finish. After all, all Matte lipsticks are drying. But you can always exfoliate your lips, use a lip balm before application and a gloss after to do away with dryness right? So, who really cares about the ONE negative right? It’s only the texture that makes this colour so beautiful and fierce.















Longevity : 5/5

Pigmentation : 5/5

Texture : 4/5

Price : Rs 990/-

Would I recommend? I’d be a fool not to! I highly recommend it. Like I said, it’s the HOLYGRAIL red lipstick (ofcourse in my opinion), so you have to have it. It’s the perfect eye-catching red colour you could possibly think of. So, yes you should totally purchase it.

P.S. The colour looks different on different skin tones. And ofcourse the lighting matters too.


Still a tad sceptical? Shake it all off. And if you can’t rush to the MAC store and try it on for yourself! 




Day 8: Review – MAC Coral Bliss

MAC Cremesheen + Pearl Finish : MAC describes Coral Bliss as a frosted light coral

A soft pink coral lipstick which is perfect for Spring-Summer. It has a glossy and wet effect to it. Not too overpowering but just right. Anyone who loves everything peachy and coral-y, can’t not have Coral Bliss. I was a tad sceptical about purchasing it when I first saw it (ofcourse because I thought I could never pull this colour off), but when I swatched it, I realised it wasn’t what I had imagined it to be. It is a very VERY flattering colour. Kinda neutral kinda not. It is a very subtle looking coral which can be substituted for a nude lipstick any day. So, if you have a dark eye make-up on, Coral Bliss would be the perfect lipstick (ofcourse after anything nude). I don’t know about anyone else who has used this, but when I do, it definitely brightens up my face.  The best thing about Coral Bliss is that it looks gorgeous both on darker and lighter pigmented lips.

It easily wears for about three hours (which isn’t really enough for me). But like most of the lipsticks, if you’re eating or drinking something, you will have to re-apply it even if you just applied it ten minutes ago (atleast that’s my experience). And another drawback is that it can be just a tad drying. I make sure I apply vaseline or any other lip balm before applying Coral Bliss. Also, the reason why I didn’t put a picture of me wearing the lipstick is that it shows all the flaws on my lips. And when you take a close-up, everything becomes all the more prominent 😛

New folder (5)




Considering all the positives of Coral Bliss, I’m willing to forget the negatives because I’m absolutely in love with the most perfect  blend of coral, pink and peach colour and I’ve always wanted one like this. So here’s the verdict:

Longevity :  3.5 /5

Pigmentation :  4 /5

Texture :   3/5

Price: Rs. 990/-

Would I re-purchase? Yes

Would I recommend? Yes

What do you guys think of this shade? Would you give it a try?


Currently Lusting

Over the years I have come to realise that I CAN’T shop sanely, no matter how hard I try. Every weekend I have a list of things that I want added to my ever expanding wardrobe. So this weekend I thought of also posting about things that I’m currently lusting for. Here goes:

1. Peach Jeggings: I’ve been on Team Jeggings ever since I can remember. The snug and skin-tight look is what I like about them. And when they’re in a colour that you absolutely love, that’s an added bonus.

2. Aqua colour sandals: I have the same ones in beige but now I also want the same ones in Aqua. How gorgeous will they look paired with distressed shorts and white shirt! I can only imagine (for now 😀 )

3. MAC Riot Gear Nail Lacquer: GOTTA HAVE IT ! I have only recently discovered my fondness for the colours orange and peach. I agree that orange shade can look a tad tacky on nails if it isn’t the right shade, but I honestly couldn’t care less. It doesn’t look like a tacky orange, right? I guess I’ll only know if and when I go to MAC.


4. Leopard print shoulder bag: If there’s ONE leopard print thing I don’t have, that’s a leopard print (shoulder) bag. I’ve been wanting to one for as long as I can remember.  And today I thought its finally time I purchased one. So I put it in my lust list.

5. MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick:  I wonder why it doesn’t show the true orange-y colour in the picture above. Anyhow, so again since it’s a brightened ORANGE-coral colour, I thought I’ll give this one a try too. Do you not feel my obsession for orange now?

6. Sequin mini-skirt:  You have to have atleast one item in your wardrobe that’s Sequin. I don’t have one yet! Or do I? I don’t even know. A sequin skirt is perfect for parties (of-course!). So why not have one?

I hope I check all the items in this Lust List sooner because I just can’t wait to make another one. 😛 

Are YOU lusting for any of these items too?

MAC foundations 101

So what is it about MAC foundations that is driving a lot of men/girls/women (including myself) crrrazy? Definitely the two primary foundation types – NC and NW. You have to follow certain do’s and don’ts when it comes to choosing the right foundation for your skin tone which can be pretty daunting especially when you don’t know whether you are NC or NW in MAC.

I won’t say I’m a pro at this but I’ve definitely done my part of the research on it and if it helps you at all, what’s the harm? 😛

Now what is it with NC and NW and why is it so important to know the difference between the two? Well, it goes without saying that if you don’t know how they are different, you will, in all probability, end up buying a shade that does NOT suit your skin tone. And who wants to look like a buffoon anyway?

What is surface tone and under tone?

To put it simply, the kind of a colour you see on the surface of your skin (tan, deep…) is Surface tone and the subdued colour you see underneath it  (cool, warm, neutral) is the Under tone

What is cool, warm and neutral undertone?

Cool Undertone – If you have a pinkish or soft red tint to your skin, you burn easily in the sun, silver on you looks better than gold and  you have blue-ish veins on your forearm (think Nicole Kidman)

Warm Undertone – If you have golden, olive or yellow tint to your skin, you tan in the sun, gold looks better than silver and you have green-ish veins on your forearm (think Jennifer Aniston)

Jen An

Neutral Undertone – equal blend of cool and warm, you look good both in gold and silver, tan gradually (think Angelina Jolie)

Angelina Jolie

What do NC and NW stand for?

NCNot cool Neutral Cool

NWNot warm Neutral Warm

What the heck is it?

Usually if you have a cool undertone, you would go for NC and if you have a warm undertone, you would go for NW shade. BUT THAT’S WRONG. It’s the total opposite when it comes to MAC. NC is for those of you having a warm undertone because MAC believes it neutralises the overall tone of the skin and NW is for cool undertones (ofcourse the same principle applies).

If you still can’t figure out the undertone to your skin, visit MAC MUA, they’d be happy to help you! 🙂