Grey and Bronze Eye Makeup Tutorial

Here’s an Eye Makeup Tutorial for starters. Based on your votes (a BIG thanks to the ladies who voted :* ), I prepared a step-by-step guide to Grey and Bronze eye makeup tutorial for you! The moment I reached home from work, I started working on the tutorial and I would have posted this last night but thanks to my internet connection, I just couldn’t. I finally gave up after 4 hours of trying to connect. Anywho..  So I finally managed to get my internet working and God knows how impatient I was to have this one posted online. I guess I can ramble on about my issues with internet in some other post, but for now, here are the steps:

STEP 1: Start with a clean eye and apply eye primer which is also optional (it only helps the makeup last long. Exactly what a face primer does for face, an eye primer does for eyes). And in case you have pigmentation (discoloration, dark circles…) on your eyes like I do, it’s better to use a concealer first.


STEP 2: Apply any shade of grey or black (if you wish) and cover your entire lid. It does not have to be perfect for now because we will be blending it in the next step anyway. Just make sure that the grey/black covers your lid and just be gentle with the application. Slightly dab the color on the lid with a base shadow brush.


STEP 3: Take a blending brush now and blend any harsh lines to make it look softer.

A good blending brush makes it…… (continue reading…)