We all probably grew up hearing the “fact” that taking enough Vitamin C wards off colds and builds immunity (yeah well I’m not really sure about that because it hasn’t yet built me enough immunity to ward off my chronic cold!!) But here’s another fun fact – Vitamin C is also a natural skin rejuvenating product. Hmm.. I reckon this calls for further investigation.

Talking about the review now – I bring to you The Body Shop’s Vitamin C Cleansing Face Polish, Skin Boost and Energizing Face Spritz.

The Body Shop – Vitamin C Cleansing Face Polish

Price – Rs. 830

Quantity – 100 ml

This cleansing face polish smells great, the packaging is great, lathers great and the price is also fairly OK considering it is a Body Shop product. Even though the tiny beads inside are ultra soft on the skin, I doubt this is good enough to be used as a daily cleanser by anyone with a sensitive or dry skin because it is a tad too strong and chances are that it will make you break out. Perfect to be used in summers especially when you have oily skin as it tends to remove excess oil. If your skin dry, steer clear of this face polish. It probably won’t make you break out but will definitely make you flake out! Since I happen to have Combination Skin (excessively oily t-zone in summers and excessively dry cheeks in winters), I use it only on my t-zone and as much as I’d like to say so far so good, I can’t because what good is a product that can’t be used on your entire face, right?

Recommendations: Not a fan, really! There are better cleansers out there.

The Body Shop – Vitamin C Skin Boost

Price – Rs  1595

Quanity – 30 ml

Vitamin C boost works amazing as a make-up base and it will help you glide on your make-up very smoothly. It doesn’t really work as a primer would, but it definitely gives you a good healthy glow but it will also make your skin feel oilier if not massaged into it properly. It is a clear gel with tiny glitter particles in it. Probably why your skin glows and shines after use (not much though). It doesn’t really do much – gives your skin a temporary glow and acts a make-up base. There’s nothing more to it. I personally neither like this product nor hate it.

Recommendations: I’d say it’s definitely not worth spending over 1500 bucks on something that gives a temporary shine and acts as an average make-up base.

 The Body Shop Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz


Price – Rs 775

Quantity – 100 ml

If you like the orange-y smell and if you want your face to feel fresh for (only) a few minutes, then you might as well consider purchasing this product. Other than these two things, it doesn’t do much. If you think this is some sort of magic potion that will make your tired face look fresh instantly in a “BOOM!” kinda way, forget it! Ice cold water (which comes for free at home) freshens up your face better than this face spritz. In my opinion, it is a disappointing waste of money!

So much for the hype surrounding The Body Shop and its Vitamin C line!!

Recommendations: A definite NO! I will neither repurchase this nor recommend this to anyone.

We all know that buying these products can be pretty heavy on the pockets and you can never be sure of whether these products will suit  your skin or not. So, to be on the safer side take the samples first, don’t take the plunge.  Wait and see if it’s the right product for you. That’s the only way you can make an informed decision. Choose wisely and carefully because there’s nothing worse than spending a few thousand bucks only to regret the purchase later, right? NEVER purchase a product only because of the hype surrounding it. Also, depending on the skin type, the products that are right for me may not be right for you, which is why I’m again stressing on the need to only test the samples first.



Think Maxi Skirts.. Think Flowy, Flirty, Feminine, Fabulous, Angel-esque Skirts.. Such a great Bohemian piece to add to your wardrobe..

maxi skirts plain

I have a new found love for Maxi Skirts ( I’ve always been a fan (read : OBSESSED) of these skirts if I think about it now but I wonder why I never bought them earlier ) and believe me I’d give up all my jeans for them. The best thing about Maxi skirts is that depending upon the fabric and the design on them; they can work well for any and every occasion, from dates to running errands to a fun evening out with girlfriends… I mean EVERY occasion!

 On days when you are too lazy to shave your legs, Maxi skirts will come to your rescue. But ofcourse that’s not the ONLY reason why you should wear them: P Here’s a list why you should REALLY wear these uber sexy skirts:

  • Because they are uber comfy
  • Because they are the most divine and lady-like skirts
  • Because they can be worn by ANYONE (yes! From smalls to talls – No matter what your height!) (Of-course as long as you are mindful of what you pair them with)
  • Because when you go Monochrome, it makes your body look slim and elongated
  • Because sandals, flats, heels, booties… almost every shoe style will work wonders with these skirts.
  • Because they can be paired with a Button down shirt, bustier, tube top, tank top, plain tee, blazer.. The options are endless
  • Because they are summer friendly, winter friendly, autumn friendly, spring friendly.. they are just EVERY season friendly

 No matter the style you plan to wear (pleated, sheer, one with a side slit…), make sure your skirt is long enough to cover your ankles (Personally I like the ones that only show toes) and short enough that you don’t drag the fabric on the floor (because dragging is just not cool). And you know your Maxi skirt is too long if you’re tripping even in the changing room.

 Take a look at these awe-inspiring photos.


 Photo Credits : Pinterest


  Photo Credits : Pinterest


Photo Credits : Pinterest


  Photo Credits : Pinterest


 Photo Credits : Pinterest


 Photo Credits : Pinterest

Aren’t these skirts simply drool-worthy? :D




Betty Bright | MAC Satin finish Lipstick | MAC describes Betty Bright as – “light vibrant peach”

“Color plus texture for the lips that helped make M•A•C famous. Limited-edition packaging features Blonde-Next-Door Betty”

One of the three lipsticks from the Betty Collection, Betty Bright is a gorgeous lust-worthy pink-y Coral lipstick with a yellow undertone. Since it happens to be a limited edition, the collection will not stick around for a long time. I snatched this lipstick as soon as I swatched it (Yes, it was an impulsive purchase *not proud*). Anyhow, so I disagree with what MAC describes Betty Bright as because the color leans more towards vibrant coral than peach. Also this shade will change depending on your skin tone. The darker the skin tone, the brighter it will appear.

This limited edition shade comes in a super cute all white Archie’s inspired packaging and the tube has only Betty featured on it (Of-course because it is from the Betty Collection).






I have all the nicest things to say about Betty Bright but one. It makes your lips look crumbly and quite parched and nobody wants all the spotlight on the tiniest dry flake on your lips that is accentuated with this finish (which is quite annoying). And personally I feel it just looks so much better when you only dab it. Applying it generously will only make the flaws on your lips more prominent.


  • Non-drying
  • Smooth and easy application
  • Perfect color for summers
  • Long-lasting
  • Extremely pigmented
  • Soft creamy texture helps in effortless application


  • Not hydrating
  • Exfoliation of lips is necessary before application
  • Settles into the fines lines on your lips
  • Limited edition

Longevity : 4.5/5

Pigmentation : 5/5

Texture : 4/5

Price : Rs 1100/-

Would I recommend? Yes because for one, it is limited edition. Two, it is a gorgeous drool-worthy coral shade.

Have you bought anything from the Archie’s collection yet?


Follow these steps to achieve a subtle Purple Smokey Eye look perfect for day time and if you use a shade or two darker and with a thicker eye liner, it would be perfect for evening as well :)

Step 1: Start with a bare clean eye. Make sure to use an eye primer if you want the look to last long. And apply a concealer to cancel out any pigmentation whatsoever (because it makes a world of a difference. See before and after photo below)


Step 2 & 3: Apply a base shadow covering your entire lid area. This shade should be lighter than the shade you will be using to create the smokey-eye effect.


Step 4: Taking a darker shade in purple, draw a line (only to make it easier) with a brush (I used pixel point eye liner brush from my Eye Starter Set) from your outer lid, extending it over to the outer crease area. This will only make the blending easier. The ‘line’ that I drew is very light as you can see and it’s only because the color from the eye shadow palette that I’m using happens to be extremely pigmented. This much amount suffices because we’re creating a look that isn’t too ‘in-your-face’.


Step 5: Using a blending brush, blend out the harsh line you created in step 4 and make it look neat. If you feel like the shade you applied is a tad too light, then darken the line and blend the same.


Step 6: Apply a thin eye-liner (because the idea is NOT to create a dramatic eye with a thick liner).


Step 7: Curl your lashes and apply kajal. 


Step 8: Apply decent amount of mascara and your look is complete :)

Here are all the steps in one

New folder (3)

And here’s a list of the products I used

  • Revlon Photo Ready Concealer
  • BH Cosmetics Day&Night Eye Shadow Palette
  • Real Techniques Eye Starter Set Brushes
  • Deborah Definite Volume & Curl Mascara
  • Maybelline Gel Liner

00 (1)


Nothing better than adding a few summer styles to your shoe closet. Here’s my list of the Top 6 must-have summer style shoes.

It goes without saying that the shoes have to be ultra airy in this season where sweating the summer heat is all that your body does all-day long. And NO, flip-flops aren’t your only option. It is time you summer-ified your shoe collection. Take a look and enjoy!

Thehottest (makes me feel the summer heat all the more so I choose to use a different word ;P) coolest option this Summer – Gladiators. They come in both heels and flats, in various designs to choose from. Pair them with shorts, jean shorts, skorts, jeans. Gladiators have strap-y ankles and strap-y everything and between the toes it has a flip-flop style. If you plan on wearing wrap-around tie flats or something of that sort, make sure you keep the legs bare and wear a skirt or shorts. Because that’s the whole point, right? 


 Here’s on of my favourite pairs – one that goes well with anything and everything I wear – Embellished Flip-Flops with strap-y ankles. White and Black are two colours in shoes that you can match with all the items in your wardrobe. Love how comfortable these flip-flops with a embellished twist are. You can wear this style with both western as well as traditional outfit. I have. And they look as if you’re wearing jewellery on your feet.


Now, here’s Peep-toed Ballerina Flats. Perfect for those who love ballerina flats.  They are a must-have for all seasons. You can’t NOT have a pair of ballerina flats. They are not only one of the most comfortable shoes, but they can be worn with absolutely anything and everything. And when they come with peep-toes in summers, it’s an added bonus. Pick ‘em up and make ‘em yours! (Not the ones in the picture, but at the store! :D ) You won’t regret.


Here’s another version of peep-toed (slightly) wedged sandals. These shoes have a little more room for air than the ones in the photo above. A great style to own.


So you want to leave some room for your feet to breathe in this hot hot hottt weather but you JUST can’t stop thinking about heels and how pretty they look when you wear them? Or how pretty you look when you wear them ;) ? A peep-toed stilettos will do the job for you. And this ONE pair that I have, comes with an added bonus – air holes (if that’s what these tiny little holes are called). I won’t really say that this pink colour matches most summer-y items in my wardrobe, but they’re pretty, right? You can match SOMETHING atleast if not MOST of the things. With or without air holes, peep-toes heels are perfect if you want to avoid dulling down your getup.


And then comes joy named Wedges. If you plan on sizzling all summer, then these Steve Madden Espadrilles are the right option for you. How gorgeous is the colour, the details, the wedge-heel, how perfect can a pair of shoes be?  If you don’t know what Espadrilles are, well, they are made partially or completely with rope, some kind of hemp or cord. The picture below is a fine example of Espadrille Wedges and they are quite the staple for the sultry summer-y months. Espadrilles do not necessarily have to be heels, they come in flats as well. So, you have a lot of options to choose from. Pair them with shorts, skirts, jeans.. whatever you can think of, and you are sure to rock the look.


Which of these styles do you already own? Feel free to share links to photos or your blog where we can see your summery shoes.  🙂

P.S. If you want the links from where I made my purchases, feel free to ask. Even though I got all of these from the stores, yet I did see a couple of them available on-line.



Review | MAC Ruby Woo


Ruby Woo | MAC Matte finish Lipstick | MAC describes Ruby Woo as – very matte vivid blue-red

My search for the HOLYGRAIL red lipstick ends here! This Lipstick is THE lipstick to have. To be honest, I was very sceptical of purchasing this at first because one, Matte was never really my thing, and two, I thought it would never (and I mean NEVER) compliment my skin tone. And I had absolutely given up hope ( there wasn’t any to begin with 😛 ) of finding the perfect red. Enter Ruby Woo and all my red lipstick dilemmas face instant death! 

There’s a shade of red for you that’s meant to be and if you believe and have faith, you WILL find it. Just like I did 😀 😀 

On a more serious note.. MAC Ruby Woo is a part of MAC’s permanent collection and is one lipstick that suits all the skin tones. Want evidence? Just log on to YouTube and you’ll know. When I think Ruby Woo I think Marilyn Monroe. A classic retro red. Gives you a classic 40s/50s pin-up girl look. Now since it’s a Matte finish, it IS very drying. you have to prep and prime your lips before you apply it (goes without saying, right?). I would highly recommend using a moisturising lip balm before you wear it. But what I love the most about this lipsticks is that it doesn’t show any of your lips’ flaws inspite of being matte and so drying. And how can you not notice the vanilla scent it has? It just makes you want to wear it over and over again. 


  • Lasts long (realllllly long) without budging, smearing, smudging, feathering or bleeding 
  • When applied, it doesn’t show your lips’ imperfections
  • Ultra pigmented
  • Perfect balance of warm and cool undertones
  • Looks ravishing on all complexions
  • Very Marilyn Monroe-y
  • The colour doesn’t transfer to glasses (which I absolutely love)
  • Looks uber sexy with minimal eye makeup
  • Vanilla scented
  • Two strokes are more than enough to get the perfect colour


  • The only con I can think of is that it is drying because of its Matte finish. After all, all Matte lipsticks are drying. But you can always exfoliate your lips, use a lip balm before application and a gloss after to do away with dryness right? So, who really cares about the ONE negative right? It’s only the texture that makes this colour so beautiful and fierce.















Longevity : 5/5

Pigmentation : 5/5

Texture : 4/5

Price : Rs 990/-

Would I recommend? I’d be a fool not to! I highly recommend it. Like I said, it’s the HOLYGRAIL red lipstick (ofcourse in my opinion), so you have to have it. It’s the perfect eye-catching red colour you could possibly think of. So, yes you should totally purchase it.

P.S. The colour looks different on different skin tones. And ofcourse the lighting matters too.


Still a tad sceptical? Shake it all off. And if you can’t rush to the MAC store and try it on for yourself! 




Day 8: Review – MAC Coral Bliss

MAC Cremesheen + Pearl Finish : MAC describes Coral Bliss as a frosted light coral

A soft pink coral lipstick which is perfect for Spring-Summer. It has a glossy and wet effect to it. Not too overpowering but just right. Anyone who loves everything peachy and coral-y, can’t not have Coral Bliss. I was a tad sceptical about purchasing it when I first saw it (ofcourse because I thought I could never pull this colour off), but when I swatched it, I realised it wasn’t what I had imagined it to be. It is a very VERY flattering colour. Kinda neutral kinda not. It is a very subtle looking coral which can be substituted for a nude lipstick any day. So, if you have a dark eye make-up on, Coral Bliss would be the perfect lipstick (ofcourse after anything nude). I don’t know about anyone else who has used this, but when I do, it definitely brightens up my face.  The best thing about Coral Bliss is that it looks gorgeous both on darker and lighter pigmented lips.

It easily wears for about three hours (which isn’t really enough for me). But like most of the lipsticks, if you’re eating or drinking something, you will have to re-apply it even if you just applied it ten minutes ago (atleast that’s my experience). And another drawback is that it can be just a tad drying. I make sure I apply vaseline or any other lip balm before applying Coral Bliss. Also, the reason why I didn’t put a picture of me wearing the lipstick is that it shows all the flaws on my lips. And when you take a close-up, everything becomes all the more prominent 😛

New folder (5)




Considering all the positives of Coral Bliss, I’m willing to forget the negatives because I’m absolutely in love with the most perfect  blend of coral, pink and peach colour and I’ve always wanted one like this. So here’s the verdict:

Longevity :  3.5 /5

Pigmentation :  4 /5

Texture :   3/5

Price: Rs. 990/-

Would I re-purchase? Yes

Would I recommend? Yes

What do you guys think of this shade? Would you give it a try?