How to wear a Blazer – 3 Outfits

That time of the year when it’s too cold with the air conditioning and too hot without it (thanks to the beginning of chill in the air), that time of the year when you are just about done packing away your shorts and sleeveless tops *sigh*. It’s that confusing time of the year when you don’t quite know what to wear that will keep you both warm and cool at the same time. It’s time to unpack (or at least add to your wardrobe if you don’t already have it) THE blazers! And I show you how to wear a blazer with 3 basic outfits

A lot of people think that when it comes to blazers, you can never have too many outfit ideas. I’d like to think otherwise. Blazers can be teamed with a lot of things starting from distressed or boyfriend jeans to flared dresses (talking about flared dresses look how perfectly Kim Kardashian is carrying off this look), from cropped  trousers to short shorts. Blazers are not a man’s thing anymore.The only thing to consider is the fit. As far as blazers are concerned, the fit has to be perfect. But in dire situations, a size smaller will do but not a size bigger. No matter what you plan to wear it with, make sure that it’s the perfect size.

Take a look at what all you can team a chic blazer with

Black blazer white dress

The black and white combination can never go out of style. A white dress paired with a black blazer or vice versa looks very classy! It lends a contrast to the entire outfit and of course when you pair it with a subtle pink lipstick (say MAC Hue or MAC Angel), it adds to sophistication and elegance. Of course for a little pop of color, you could….

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Think Maxi Skirts.. Think Flowy, Flirty, Feminine, Fabulous, Angel-esque Skirts.. Such a great Bohemian piece to add to your wardrobe..

maxi skirts plain

I have a new found love for Maxi Skirts ( I’ve always been a fan (read : OBSESSED) of these skirts if I think about it now but I wonder why I never bought them earlier ) and believe me I’d give up all my jeans for them. The best thing about Maxi skirts is that depending upon the fabric and the design on them; they can work well for any and every occasion, from dates to running errands to a fun evening out with girlfriends… I mean EVERY occasion!

 On days when you are too lazy to shave your legs, Maxi skirts will come to your rescue. But ofcourse that’s not the ONLY reason why you should wear them: P Here’s a list why you should REALLY wear these uber sexy skirts:

  • Because they are uber comfy
  • Because they are the most divine and lady-like skirts
  • Because they can be worn by ANYONE (yes! From smalls to talls – No matter what your height!) (Of-course as long as you are mindful of what you pair them with)
  • Because when you go Monochrome, it makes your body look slim and elongated
  • Because sandals, flats, heels, booties… almost every shoe style will work wonders with these skirts.
  • Because they can be paired with a Button down shirt, bustier, tube top, tank top, plain tee, blazer.. The options are endless
  • Because they are summer friendly, winter friendly, autumn friendly, spring friendly.. they are just EVERY season friendly

 No matter the style you plan to wear (pleated, sheer, one with a side slit…), make sure your skirt is long enough to cover your ankles (Personally I like the ones that only show toes) and short enough that you don’t drag the fabric on the floor (because dragging is just not cool). And you know your Maxi skirt is too long if you’re tripping even in the changing room.

 Take a look at these awe-inspiring photos.


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  Photo Credits : Pinterest


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 Photo Credits : Pinterest

Aren’t these skirts simply drool-worthy? :D



Taking Men’s Formal Attire Up A Notch

Ever tried experimenting with what you wear to work? It’s time you did. You spend the majority of your time at work; spread some style while you can!  You don’t really have to spend a fortune to look good; all you have to do is tweak your outfit a bit, and incorporate a few things here and there. Easy-peasy!

Fit: – Wearing your clothing too big, too tight or too loose is the first mistake that you’re making. Take a good look at your clothing and the things that don’t fit you well, you probably need to get rid of them.  And if you can get your loose shirts or trousers to a good tailor, it’s going to be worth the money you invest in it. Look for slim fit shirts, but if you don’t like them, you always have the option of having them custom-made.

 Look at how well the shirt fits and how neat it looks. Image

Rise: Talking about the rise of your trousers, which is the distance between the top of the trousers and the bottom of your crotch area. Too big or too small a rise will do you no good. And because it is almost impossible to adjust the rise of the trousers later, make sure you pay attention to the same before purchasing one with such a defect.

So have your clothes adjusted to fit you, if you can’t or don’t want to purchase more.


Experiment with colors: – People often say that when it comes to work clothes, you should avoid experimenting with colours and styles. I say why not? Let go of the classic white or blue shirt, and experiment with pastels.

If you can’t carry off these colours, its fine! Wear something that is a little less flashy. zbut these colours look GORGEOUS!Image

 Have fun with ties:- You can take your formals up a notch by just playing with ties alone. How? It’s simple. Wear a tie that has a dash of bright colour in it. You might want to go easy on the shirt though. And if your tie has horizontal stripes, never wear it with a shirt with horizontal stripes. Vertical and horizontal stripes can’t be mixed together. EVER.


And have fun with socks:– I guess the picture below says it all.

ImagePhoto Credit:

Accessorize: Since we’re talking about wearing accessories to work, you have to be extra cautious. You want to project a professional image of yourself, so a big NO to over-accessorizing. A nice looking watch and  a pair of spectacles (optional but they look bad-ass.. that good 😀 ) should be more than enough.

No matter what you wear to work, there is absolutely no excuse for not looking good. After all, your attire alone has the capability to impress your boss(es).


Timeless Classic Combination – White Shirt & Blue Jeans

A basic white shirt when paired with the classic blue jeans oozes simplicity and versatility and I guess it is only because of this reason that this age-less combination has never failed to impress and never will. It is by far the easiest combination to put together and pull off. Even if you aren’t fashion savvy, this look will make it look like you are. It is definitely something worth investing into because you can create tons of different styles with it. Ofcourse, you can create your own unique styles as well. Think about this – Is there any, and I mean ANY colour that you can’t pair your whites and blues with? And trust me when I say – a white shirt and blue jeans are everyone’s closet essentials.

When you can’t decide what to wear, THIS combination is always going to come to your rescue. Now whether you decide to wear the jeans with a tee or a button down shirt, get your accessories right and voila! Perfection!! Child’s play right? Absolutely. And when it comes to men, they have it in them to take this oh-so-simple look one level up.  Don’t you agree? 😛

Although a (white) tee compliments most body types, in case you don’t feel comfortable with snug clothing, you can always wear a button down shirt over it or a perhaps a blazer or a tailored jacket (t-shirts were initially created to be worn as undershirts anyway 🙂 ) All you need now is the right accessories and shoes and your look is complete!! Oh also what you need is your attitude and confidence on your sleeve. 😀


Like I said this combination is ever-green and the love that we all have for it is undying and love, I say, should always be encouraged, wherever and whomever it blooms for (it doesn’t make sense does it? lol)


Trending – ORANGE – The new Blue for Men

Gentlemen, are you listening? Yes, you heard me right. Orange IS the new Blue this spring/summer 2013. Now let’s talk about it, shall we?

Undoubtedly Orange is an extraordinary colour – a colour that exudes power, a colour that is eye-catching, a colour that is extremely electrifying AND a colour that makes you stand out in a crowd. So why would you not want to incorporate it in your outfit? I admit that orange may not be a very skin flattering colour, but there are different shades of orange that you could wear right? Yea so read-on!

Quick Tip:- If you have just started experimenting with colours or are thinking of now (after reading this blog 😛 ) , start with something that’s not too bold because Orange is a colour you’ll either absolutely love or hate on yourself. Why not gradually develop the love for this colour? And then perhaps take it to the next level?

Here’s a list of items of clothing/accessory that you could possibly wear in Orange. (Please don’t wear them all together! 😛 )

  • T-shirts : We all like love t-shirts, don’t we? Inexpensive, easily fitted, light-weight – perfect for Spring and the summer sun.  Pair an orange tee with straight-cut pants/trousers/jeans (whatever you are comfortable with). A classic tee (which never goes out of style) when paired with the right accessories and items of clothing, will definitely make you stand out.


  • Check patterned Shirt: – Nothing brings out your personality as much as a checked shirt does. And when it’s in the colour that is in trend, then nothing beats that. We all love the checked shirts too, don’t we? Afterall, they will give you a guy next door look even f you’re not 😛 


  • Shoes :- If you don’t want to risk wearing an orange shirt or a tee, then there’s always the option of shoes, and yes you can’t go wrong wearing orange shoes with a neutral coloured shirt and blue jeans.


  • Accessories:- If nothing else works, there’s always the accessories that can come to your rescue. Go easy on the bright orange turban again. It’s a bold colour not easy to pull off. Like I said before, don’t experiment with this colour if you’re a new-bee to this game. Wear an orange tie with your suit just to create a little ‘oomph’  in your formal attire, or a watch a cap in a comfy casual setting.

Blog photos

So, would you mind experimenting a bit with this colour?

Oh, before you answer, look at the Outfit Inspiration (There’s always an Outfit Inspiration 😛 )


What do you have to say now?

Wet look leggings – Yay or Nay?

Wet look leggings, matte look leggings, faux leather leggings, leather leggings (whatever you want to call them, they all look the same (well almost)) have been around for quite some time but hardly has any soul (except for celebrities of-course) ever had the audacity to don them. Not because they can’t but because they don’t want to. I don’t blame them because people have mixed feelings when it comes to these leggings. They can either make you look drab or fab. Where some of you can’t see how these leggings could possibly work, there are others who feel that there is nothing as effortless as rocking them.

Now you give your verdict in the end.

ImageThe thumb rule of any sort of leggings is that they have to be worn with something that covers your butt. And the same applies to wet/matte look leggings as well. You may have a gifted bottom but YOU HAVE GOT TO COVER IT when you wear leggings. It can be quite disturbing to look at! 😛 Undoubtedly they give you quite a look – daring if I must say, but at the same time, they make for a covetable fashion statement too. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Rihanna.. can’t get enough of them.

Pair them with a floaty button down shirt with collar detailing or perhaps with a long snug vest. Don’t do anything over the top. You can always accessorize this look by wearing a high low cape over the vest. Those of you who don’t want to quite show off your legs, can wear them with dresses. And they do look great! Wet look leggings come into play more in the evening than in the morning, so you have all the more reason to pair them with (short) dresses. And you can never go wrong if you wear high heels with them. They look sumptuously gorgeous.


How can you not love this look? It’s totally wearable, right? You won’t really know how they make you feel until you wear them. They are definitely (in my opinion) the hottest fashion staple and will continue to be.

So, Yay or Nay?

Date Attire Idea (Men)

Putting together these style ideas is so much fun. So I thought why not do a post for men as well (of-course barring the Neon this time).

When it comes to clothing, a lot of men are not so sharp or crafty about dressing themselves up. By just putting in a bit of thought and extra five minutes when you get ready, you can make a world of a difference. Who knows who you are going to run into into wearing a larger-than-your-size t-shirt and loose pajama pants (for your comfort of-course, no offense). No matter what the occasion, you should always dress up. You never know how people may be profiling you even after having known you for years. Changing the way you dress not only changes people’s opinion about you but also the way you see yourself. So if you strive for dressing up nicely (or not), just be inspired, that’s all I’m trying to say. 🙂

Here’s a look that I created for a relaxed evening rendezvous which screams for casual yet classy attire and what better than a long sleeve shirt in check pattern teamed with corduroy pants and Oxfords. And to accessorize, we always have the ever-green Ray ban Aviators.Image

Take inspiration from this outfit and you can’t not make a good impression on the lady (or ladies!!! whatever it is that you’re aiming for!!) 😛

Let me know how you like this whole outfit together.