We all probably grew up hearing the “fact” that taking enough Vitamin C wards off colds and builds immunity (yeah well I’m not really sure about that because it hasn’t yet built me enough immunity to ward off my chronic cold!!) But here’s another fun fact – Vitamin C is also a natural skin rejuvenating product. Hmm.. I reckon this calls for further investigation.

Talking about the review now – I bring to you The Body Shop’s Vitamin C Cleansing Face Polish, Skin Boost and Energizing Face Spritz.

The Body Shop – Vitamin C Cleansing Face Polish

Price – Rs. 830

Quantity – 100 ml

This cleansing face polish smells great, the packaging is great, lathers great and the price is also fairly OK considering it is a Body Shop product. Even though the tiny beads inside are ultra soft on the skin, I doubt this is good enough to be used as a daily cleanser by anyone with a sensitive or dry skin because it is a tad too strong and chances are that it will make you break out. Perfect to be used in summers especially when you have oily skin as it tends to remove excess oil. If your skin dry, steer clear of this face polish. It probably won’t make you break out but will definitely make you flake out! Since I happen to have Combination Skin (excessively oily t-zone in summers and excessively dry cheeks in winters), I use it only on my t-zone and as much as I’d like to say so far so good, I can’t because what good is a product that can’t be used on your entire face, right?

Recommendations: Not a fan, really! There are better cleansers out there.

The Body Shop – Vitamin C Skin Boost

Price – Rs  1595

Quanity – 30 ml

Vitamin C boost works amazing as a make-up base and it will help you glide on your make-up very smoothly. It doesn’t really work as a primer would, but it definitely gives you a good healthy glow but it will also make your skin feel oilier if not massaged into it properly. It is a clear gel with tiny glitter particles in it. Probably why your skin glows and shines after use (not much though). It doesn’t really do much – gives your skin a temporary glow and acts a make-up base. There’s nothing more to it. I personally neither like this product nor hate it.

Recommendations: I’d say it’s definitely not worth spending over 1500 bucks on something that gives a temporary shine and acts as an average make-up base.

 The Body Shop Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz


Price – Rs 775

Quantity – 100 ml

If you like the orange-y smell and if you want your face to feel fresh for (only) a few minutes, then you might as well consider purchasing this product. Other than these two things, it doesn’t do much. If you think this is some sort of magic potion that will make your tired face look fresh instantly in a “BOOM!” kinda way, forget it! Ice cold water (which comes for free at home) freshens up your face better than this face spritz. In my opinion, it is a disappointing waste of money!

So much for the hype surrounding The Body Shop and its Vitamin C line!!

Recommendations: A definite NO! I will neither repurchase this nor recommend this to anyone.

We all know that buying these products can be pretty heavy on the pockets and you can never be sure of whether these products will suit  your skin or not. So, to be on the safer side take the samples first, don’t take the plunge.  Wait and see if it’s the right product for you. That’s the only way you can make an informed decision. Choose wisely and carefully because there’s nothing worse than spending a few thousand bucks only to regret the purchase later, right? NEVER purchase a product only because of the hype surrounding it. Also, depending on the skin type, the products that are right for me may not be right for you, which is why I’m again stressing on the need to only test the samples first.



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