Think Maxi Skirts.. Think Flowy, Flirty, Feminine, Fabulous, Angel-esque Skirts.. Such a great Bohemian piece to add to your wardrobe..

maxi skirts plain

I have a new found love for Maxi Skirts ( I’ve always been a fan (read : OBSESSED) of these skirts if I think about it now but I wonder why I never bought them earlier ) and believe me I’d give up all my jeans for them. The best thing about Maxi skirts is that depending upon the fabric and the design on them; they can work well for any and every occasion, from dates to running errands to a fun evening out with girlfriends… I mean EVERY occasion!

 On days when you are too lazy to shave your legs, Maxi skirts will come to your rescue. But ofcourse that’s not the ONLY reason why you should wear them: P Here’s a list why you should REALLY wear these uber sexy skirts:

  • Because they are uber comfy
  • Because they are the most divine and lady-like skirts
  • Because they can be worn by ANYONE (yes! From smalls to talls – No matter what your height!) (Of-course as long as you are mindful of what you pair them with)
  • Because when you go Monochrome, it makes your body look slim and elongated
  • Because sandals, flats, heels, booties… almost every shoe style will work wonders with these skirts.
  • Because they can be paired with a Button down shirt, bustier, tube top, tank top, plain tee, blazer.. The options are endless
  • Because they are summer friendly, winter friendly, autumn friendly, spring friendly.. they are just EVERY season friendly

 No matter the style you plan to wear (pleated, sheer, one with a side slit…), make sure your skirt is long enough to cover your ankles (Personally I like the ones that only show toes) and short enough that you don’t drag the fabric on the floor (because dragging is just not cool). And you know your Maxi skirt is too long if you’re tripping even in the changing room.

 Take a look at these awe-inspiring photos.


 Photo Credits : Pinterest


  Photo Credits : Pinterest


Photo Credits : Pinterest


  Photo Credits : Pinterest


 Photo Credits : Pinterest


 Photo Credits : Pinterest

Aren’t these skirts simply drool-worthy? :D





  1. I love the first and last photos! Not sure why I’ve not tried this yet, I love a suede or velvet maxi skirt in the winter, but have never actually worn one in the summer… Thanks for the inspiration!

    • I recently bought a very pretty blue maxi skirt and that was what made me write a post on them.. 😛 Maxi skirts in summers look uber chic.. you should give it a go.. I’ve never really worn any in winters.. would love to try it.. and yes I also absolutely loveee the first and the last photo.. wish I had them all 😛

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