Nothing better than adding a few summer styles to your shoe closet. Here’s my list of the Top 6 must-have summer style shoes.

It goes without saying that the shoes have to be ultra airy in this season where sweating the summer heat is all that your body does all-day long. And NO, flip-flops aren’t your only option. It is time you summer-ified your shoe collection. Take a look and enjoy!

Thehottest (makes me feel the summer heat all the more so I choose to use a different word ;P) coolest option this Summer – Gladiators. They come in both heels and flats, in various designs to choose from. Pair them with shorts, jean shorts, skorts, jeans. Gladiators have strap-y ankles and strap-y everything and between the toes it has a flip-flop style. If you plan on wearing wrap-around tie flats or something of that sort, make sure you keep the legs bare and wear a skirt or shorts. Because that’s the whole point, right? 


 Here’s on of my favourite pairs – one that goes well with anything and everything I wear – Embellished Flip-Flops with strap-y ankles. White and Black are two colours in shoes that you can match with all the items in your wardrobe. Love how comfortable these flip-flops with a embellished twist are. You can wear this style with both western as well as traditional outfit. I have. And they look as if you’re wearing jewellery on your feet.


Now, here’s Peep-toed Ballerina Flats. Perfect for those who love ballerina flats.  They are a must-have for all seasons. You can’t NOT have a pair of ballerina flats. They are not only one of the most comfortable shoes, but they can be worn with absolutely anything and everything. And when they come with peep-toes in summers, it’s an added bonus. Pick ‘em up and make ‘em yours! (Not the ones in the picture, but at the store! :D ) You won’t regret.


Here’s another version of peep-toed (slightly) wedged sandals. These shoes have a little more room for air than the ones in the photo above. A great style to own.


So you want to leave some room for your feet to breathe in this hot hot hottt weather but you JUST can’t stop thinking about heels and how pretty they look when you wear them? Or how pretty you look when you wear them ;) ? A peep-toed stilettos will do the job for you. And this ONE pair that I have, comes with an added bonus – air holes (if that’s what these tiny little holes are called). I won’t really say that this pink colour matches most summer-y items in my wardrobe, but they’re pretty, right? You can match SOMETHING atleast if not MOST of the things. With or without air holes, peep-toes heels are perfect if you want to avoid dulling down your getup.


And then comes joy named Wedges. If you plan on sizzling all summer, then these Steve Madden Espadrilles are the right option for you. How gorgeous is the colour, the details, the wedge-heel, how perfect can a pair of shoes be?  If you don’t know what Espadrilles are, well, they are made partially or completely with rope, some kind of hemp or cord. The picture below is a fine example of Espadrille Wedges and they are quite the staple for the sultry summer-y months. Espadrilles do not necessarily have to be heels, they come in flats as well. So, you have a lot of options to choose from. Pair them with shorts, skirts, jeans.. whatever you can think of, and you are sure to rock the look.


Which of these styles do you already own? Feel free to share links to photos or your blog where we can see your summery shoes.  🙂

P.S. If you want the links from where I made my purchases, feel free to ask. Even though I got all of these from the stores, yet I did see a couple of them available on-line.





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