Review | MAC Ruby Woo


Ruby Woo | MAC Matte finish Lipstick | MAC describes Ruby Woo as – very matte vivid blue-red

My search for the HOLYGRAIL red lipstick ends here! This Lipstick is THE lipstick to have. To be honest, I was very sceptical of purchasing this at first because one, Matte was never really my thing, and two, I thought it would never (and I mean NEVER) compliment my skin tone. And I had absolutely given up hope ( there wasn’t any to begin with 😛 ) of finding the perfect red. Enter Ruby Woo and all my red lipstick dilemmas face instant death! 

There’s a shade of red for you that’s meant to be and if you believe and have faith, you WILL find it. Just like I did 😀 😀 

On a more serious note.. MAC Ruby Woo is a part of MAC’s permanent collection and is one lipstick that suits all the skin tones. Want evidence? Just log on to YouTube and you’ll know. When I think Ruby Woo I think Marilyn Monroe. A classic retro red. Gives you a classic 40s/50s pin-up girl look. Now since it’s a Matte finish, it IS very drying. you have to prep and prime your lips before you apply it (goes without saying, right?). I would highly recommend using a moisturising lip balm before you wear it. But what I love the most about this lipsticks is that it doesn’t show any of your lips’ flaws inspite of being matte and so drying. And how can you not notice the vanilla scent it has? It just makes you want to wear it over and over again. 


  • Lasts long (realllllly long) without budging, smearing, smudging, feathering or bleeding 
  • When applied, it doesn’t show your lips’ imperfections
  • Ultra pigmented
  • Perfect balance of warm and cool undertones
  • Looks ravishing on all complexions
  • Very Marilyn Monroe-y
  • The colour doesn’t transfer to glasses (which I absolutely love)
  • Looks uber sexy with minimal eye makeup
  • Vanilla scented
  • Two strokes are more than enough to get the perfect colour


  • The only con I can think of is that it is drying because of its Matte finish. After all, all Matte lipsticks are drying. But you can always exfoliate your lips, use a lip balm before application and a gloss after to do away with dryness right? So, who really cares about the ONE negative right? It’s only the texture that makes this colour so beautiful and fierce.















Longevity : 5/5

Pigmentation : 5/5

Texture : 4/5

Price : Rs 990/-

Would I recommend? I’d be a fool not to! I highly recommend it. Like I said, it’s the HOLYGRAIL red lipstick (ofcourse in my opinion), so you have to have it. It’s the perfect eye-catching red colour you could possibly think of. So, yes you should totally purchase it.

P.S. The colour looks different on different skin tones. And ofcourse the lighting matters too.


Still a tad sceptical? Shake it all off. And if you can’t rush to the MAC store and try it on for yourself! 





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