Day 8: Review – MAC Coral Bliss

MAC Cremesheen + Pearl Finish : MAC describes Coral Bliss as a frosted light coral

A soft pink coral lipstick which is perfect for Spring-Summer. It has a glossy and wet effect to it. Not too overpowering but just right. Anyone who loves everything peachy and coral-y, can’t not have Coral Bliss. I was a tad sceptical about purchasing it when I first saw it (ofcourse because I thought I could never pull this colour off), but when I swatched it, I realised it wasn’t what I had imagined it to be. It is a very VERY flattering colour. Kinda neutral kinda not. It is a very subtle looking coral which can be substituted for a nude lipstick any day. So, if you have a dark eye make-up on, Coral Bliss would be the perfect lipstick (ofcourse after anything nude). I don’t know about anyone else who has used this, but when I do, it definitely brightens up my face.  The best thing about Coral Bliss is that it looks gorgeous both on darker and lighter pigmented lips.

It easily wears for about three hours (which isn’t really enough for me). But like most of the lipsticks, if you’re eating or drinking something, you will have to re-apply it even if you just applied it ten minutes ago (atleast that’s my experience). And another drawback is that it can be just a tad drying. I make sure I apply vaseline or any other lip balm before applying Coral Bliss. Also, the reason why I didn’t put a picture of me wearing the lipstick is that it shows all the flaws on my lips. And when you take a close-up, everything becomes all the more prominent 😛

New folder (5)




Considering all the positives of Coral Bliss, I’m willing to forget the negatives because I’m absolutely in love with the most perfect  blend of coral, pink and peach colour and I’ve always wanted one like this. So here’s the verdict:

Longevity :  3.5 /5

Pigmentation :  4 /5

Texture :   3/5

Price: Rs. 990/-

Would I re-purchase? Yes

Would I recommend? Yes

What do you guys think of this shade? Would you give it a try?



6 thoughts on “Day 8: Review – MAC Coral Bliss

    • I know, right? The colour is soo pretty I could eat it (ofcourse I won’t) 😛

      And as far as I think, Lustre isn’t incredibly pigmented, Cremesheen is. You would only get gloss and shine with a Lustre finish and Cremesheen will give you a better colour pay off.

      Have you tried Coral Bliss ?

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