Day 4: The Art of Going Sock-less!!

There’s no denying the fact that leaving your feet sock-free allows room for a bit of breathing. And when summers are here, why would you not want to keep your feet happy too? And NO sock-less doesn’t mean opening the doors to sticky and smelly feet (eww.) . No, seriously! It doesn’t. Read on to know how you can rock the sock-less trend!

So, why should you go sock-less again? Because it is summer time and you have to let your feet feel the change in weather too, AND because you are allowed to. You have to agree that there is something kinda sexy kinda fashion-mature thing about the no-socks look. Don’t agree? Have a look at this gorgeous ahem! male model 😀 No, I mean how good he looks ( sock-less shoes! look at his sock-less shoes!!! ) (sucha distraction, I should have chosen some other picture. Oh whatever!)


photo credits : Pinterest

Now coming to what options you have. What shoes can actually be worn sock-less. I’m just adding pictures in case you don’t know what a specific shoe is called. Take a look:

  • Loafers: Image
  • Sneakers:Image
  • Oxfords:


  • Chukkas: Image

See, just because you CAN skip wearing socks, doesn’t mean you HAVE to. And for those who want to try this “change” but have odour issues, then no-show-socks are the way to go! You can bring about a change in your look without letting go of the comfort of socks. They cover only the toes, sole and the heel. Ankles are what are exposed. Here’s what no-show-socks (what a tongue twister!) look like.


Here’s a list of what else you can do, apart from wearing no-show-socks, to avoid the hassles that come with going sock-less:

  • Just running water through your feet doesn’t suffice. When you bathe, make sure you exfoliate your feet and scrub in between your toes. It will make sure that your feet get rid of the bacteria. Even better : Use an anti-bacterial soap for your feet.
  • Ever tried using a hand sanitizer on your feet? Yes, I said feet! It works wonders killing the bacteria or whatever other germs grow on feet. Haven’t you seen the ads? Hand sanitizers kill 99.9% germs. Might as well use them on the feet, right?
  • Do NOT wear the same shoes everyday. It WILL be a breeding ground for bacteria sans doubt. So if you went sock-less today with a particular pair, then don’t wear the same tomorrow.
  • Use talcum powder on your feet before you put shoes on. Since it acts as an astringent, it will only help keep you feet dried.
  • Dust baking soda in your shoes every other day, if your feet stink anyway. If not feet, baking soda will make sure that atleast your shoes don’t stink.

Without a spec of doubt, you ARE going to get a few odd looks from people. But hey! doesn’t that always happen when you stand out of the crowd and when you do something out of the ordinary? Stop thinking and start implementing already!

So, Could you, Would you, Should you convert to the sock-less shoe trend? What are your thoughts? I’d LOVEEE to know.




7 thoughts on “Day 4: The Art of Going Sock-less!!

    • I love the sockless trend, and the runways have spoken: it’s here to stay. I’d also like to shed some light on a new shoe insert product I’ve been using which allows me to go sockless all the time, without using any chemicals or powder…. Check them out!


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  2. Yes… I think natural shoe and sock materials are very important. Today the most shoes and socks consist of synthetics.

    As far as I’m concerned, I’ve made best experiences in wearing natural, antibacterial cedarsoles inside my shoes. THey are made from antifungal, fresh-smelling cedar wood. It’s probably the easiest and most effective way to get rid of smelly feet.

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  4. I absolutely hate socks…at anytime of the year. I too wear shoes with anti-microbial sock liners. I like the Skechers GoWalk shoes. They are very comfortable and can be easily washed. I work in a IT environment, so I can go sockless at work easily, heck 90% of the women here are sockless all of the time.

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