Day 3: How to: Blue & Pink Eye Make-up

So here’s a tutorial on blue and pink eye make-up. Experiment with colours all you want, tweak a few things here and there. There are no rules. I’m no professional when it comes to make-up so if you think I skipped a few steps here and there, bear with me! 🙂

First: What you’ll need for this:


-Eye-shadow pallette

-Eye make-up brushes


-Eye Primer


-Eye lash curler


-Gel liner

Step 1: First you want to cancel out any pigmentation whatsoever, that you make have on your eyes, with a concealer. But even before that you will have to prime your lids, which will only ensure that the make-up stays for long. They also create a protective barrier for your eyes and if you happen to have combination to oily skin, they do you really good.


Step 2: Apply a light base shadow all over. On my eyes I applied the lightest pink shade from my eye-shadow pallette.


Step 3: Then take the brightest shade in pink and apply it only on the eye lids and blend both light and bright pinks together so that there it gives an ombre effect (a darker shade fading to a lighter one)


Step 4: Take an angled brush and whatever blue colour you want, and apply it under the lower lash line and extend it further from the outer corner of the eye, just like you would a winged liner. Make it as thick or thin as you want. The thicker it is, the more dramatic the make-up will look.


Step 5: Fill in your water line with either kajal or gen liner (the effect is the same). But if you are using a kajal then make sure it is smudge proof. You don’t want to mess up the entire look of your make-up, right?


Step 6: Start applying the winged liner. To make it easier, first extend a straight line from the outer corner of your eyes. Make sure it is (kinda) parallel to the blue shadow line. If not, we can always fix it later 🙂 If you don’t know how to apply a winged liner check this tutorial out :


Step 7: Complete the winged liner. Make it as thick or thin as you want. But I guess a thicker version of the same will look better. And then add apply a bit of mascara on your pretty lashes. I messed up my liner a bit while doing it, so I just took a Q-tip, dipped it in makeup remover and it was all sorted.

QUICK TIP- No Q-tip doesn’t mean quick tip! Keep a Q-tip handy, specifically while doing the eyes 🙂


Step 8: Now take a brush with very thin bristles and a shade of white from the pallette, and extend a line at the outer corner in between the black liner and the blue shadow


The products I used:

BH Cosmetics Day&Night Eye Shadow Pallette

Revelon Photo Ready Concealer

Real Techniques Brushes

Deborah Definite Volume & Curl Mascara

Maybelline Gel liner

00 (1)

Here’s the complete look:


Thanks for stopping by!


P.S. Apologies for the bad image quality. My camera’s no good 😛


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