How Perfectly Imperfect We Are

We all strive for perfection in our everyday lives. But no matter how hard we try, we never achieve it. And what happens in the end when we don’t achieve the desired results? Disappointment and sometimes we also feel like a failure. We constantly and consistently complain of things being too thin, too fat, too tall, too slim, too wide, too narrow, to ugly, too beautiful, too fast, too slow… it’s an exhaustive list and we all know that we do it because things are never as they should be. I have come to realize that we all are hypocrites. We try to convince everyone that Nobody is perfect, when we are the only ones striving for the so-called Perfection.

What is Perfection anyway? Perfection is a flaw in itself, it is over-rated, it is impossible, it is an illusion, a myth, a lie… whatever you want to call it. It is a state of mind, how we perceive things, the standards that we keep. Yes, it is the standards that make things seem perfect or imperfect. For example, we all have said ‘Oh it’s THE most perfect________’ and we continue to believe the same until we find something that is better than that, which only proves the fact that we keep setting higher and higher standards for ourselves. And the more we do it, the more we find faults in ourselves and everything around us.

What we really need to do to be content is to stop evaluating ourselves critically and find peace with what we are, how we are and who we are. Like I mentioned in my ‘Distorted Thinking’ post, we are our worst critics. People don’t see the little imperfections that we see in ourselves or in our lives. Really, they don’t. You and I both know it because we all have experienced this. People will not notice your imperfections unless you tell them. And how others see you is directly proportional to how you see yourself. It’s time that we accepted the fact that we can never attain perfection as human beings. We’d be God if we were perfect. You’re causing yourself more harm than you think, by saying that you are a Perfectionist. Being a perfectionist only makes you more vulnerable, infuriated, frustrated and impatient because you JUST can’t get things to be the way you want, Perfect that is.

Stop sweating the small stuff, and embrace the imperfections in yourself and everyone around you because NOBODY IS PERFECT. Perfection is aiming for flawlessness. Own up to your and everyone else’s flaws and that’s when you will experience MOMENTS of perfection. That is when you will come to terms with reality and accept life for what it is – Perfectly Imperfect.

Too long/short a post to read? Yeah, I thought so. 😀

Much love to all those who read this post and also to those who didn’t (because I have plenty to give) 😛



6 thoughts on “How Perfectly Imperfect We Are

  1. This is so crazy because 2 days ago I was discussing “Perfection” with one of my colleagues. I feel like Janelle Monae’ said it the best, “perfection is the enemy of greatness.” Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to make things so perfect that we let the unnecessary get in the way of the big picture.

    • You said it very accurately. And when we do realize that imperfection is what life is all about, it just makes us at peace with our surroundings. We start to appreciate things more often 🙂 It’s all about learning and growing.

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