Let’s talk Ombré hair

Could you, Would you, Should you jump on the bandwagon?

First things first – What is Ombré Hair?

Ombré Hair is basically a darker hair color at the roots which gradually fades to a lighter hue at the tips. It doesn’t necessarily have to be two colors, it can be a blend of different colors.


Ombré hair trend has been around since 2011 (I guess) and it continues to be all the rage this year as well. I had been contemplating writing a post on Ombré hair, but then I thought I should give it a try myself first and then write about it and will do the same only if I like it. Well, guess what? I ABSO-FRIKKIN-LUTELY love it! It gives an effect of your color-treated hair growing out and it looks very VERY beautiful.

Before getting this Ombré-d look, you should consider a few things. One, this look will make heads turn (speaking from personal experience :P) and it goes without saying that this is a very attention-grabbing style. So, you might first want to consider the fact that this (kinda) bold look may not be acceptable at some work places. Two, the bleach used to Ombré the hair, WILL damage it. So, be prepared for that! It calls for regular oiling and you will have to take extra special care so that the already damaged hair doesn’t get more damaged and dry.  Three, if you have previously colored your hair, it would need to be corrected to achieve that perfect Ombré look, which means that you will have to shell out a bit more than usual.

Even though this look can be achieved at home easily (Thanks to all the DIY tutorials on youtube), yet to achieve that perfect look minus any risk whatsoever, you have to let the professionals do the job for you. It can be a bit pricey I agree, but the results will be worth it and the best part is that there are no touch-ups required (that’s where you save the money!) as you can let the hair grow out and the Ombré effect will stay.

It’s a very fashion forward look, it will make your face/complexion glow, it will turn heads, you will fall in love with your hair all over again, it will give you a good make-over, no touch-ups required, experimenting with hair (curling, straightening, braiding…) becomes all the more interesting…

Just google and see how the celebrities are rocking their Ombré locks, check out youtube Ombré hair tutorials for some inspiration, I’m sure the next thing your gonna say is “OMG I want this too!!”

So, COULD YOU? – Yes, because you have nothing to lose.

SHOULD YOU? After all the “good” things I mentioned, why should you not?

WOULD YOU? That’s for you to answer now!



Until next time!






10 thoughts on “Let’s talk Ombré hair

  1. you look fabulous with this Ombré- effect, and i am sure one crazy about hair color would go for this for sure at any cost. Because its worth taking a risk. Mwuah…..

  2. I’m growing my hair out so I can do this, it’s only been 5 months though and I’m so impatient, I’m so jealous of your hair, it’s so beautiful!! It has a red tinge, its so pretty!

    • Aww aren’t you a sweetheart 🙂 Well, it took me years to grow my hair this long. And I still feel it isn’t long enough. 😀 Patience my dear friend, is a virtue.
      Much love

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  4. Good advice regarding the damage the bleach can do. I keep pondering if I’ll do this but my hair is going gray so my ombre would be black and grey more than likely and that seems well very Cruella De Ville right now. Still debating.

    • haha.. NOO you should stop thinking so much and give this a go. It will be worth it. I promise. Although if you think about it, black and grey will make for a very VERY hot looking ombre.. black top that fades to grey at the tips.. can you imagine?

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