Distorted Thinking – Something we all suffer from

We all have those absurd and preposterous thoughts that warp our perception of the world. These thoughts are negative self-defeating thoughts –  I shouldn’t have, I can’t, He/She does it better than me, Why did I? …. They sometimes make you believe that you don’t deserve even the tiniest fraction of happiness, blocking every opportunity coming your way.  And we hardly ever try to re-frame our thoughts because we believe that this is how it should be.  The feelings of frustration, sadness, anger.. all stem from these self-defeating, unrealistic and distorted thoughts.

Every now and then we beat ourselves up emotionally for a perceived mistake,  for feeling a certain way, for doing something we shouldn’t have done… What we don’t realize is that a veritable vortex of negative thoughts bogs us down and so we feel ashamed, embarrassed, remorseful, distraught… and what good comes out of it? If I beat myself up for all the mistakes I’ve done in my life and for all the emotions I’ve felt over the years, I’d probably be somewhere depressed, somewhere lonely, probably wanting to end my life. If we had not made mistakes, we would not have matured, we would not have progressed. Making mistakes is a part of life and learning. You should just be willing to accept the mistake and take control and handle it in the best way possible. It’s the voice inside your head that just won’t stop talking. It’s the voice that tells you what is right and what is wrong.  Sometimes you just need to tell that so-called over-powering voice to just shut the hell up! There is no right and wrong in this world. It’s the ego that tells you so. Your ego will keep you from making progress, it will make sure it does whatever necessary to keep you stuck where you are right now. Stop IT before it stops YOU any further.

We are our worst critics. Our mind convinces us of something that isn’t and probably won’t ever be. We think that it is only human to suffer. We are oblivious of the fact that it is also only human to come out of that suffering. We filter out all the positives in a particular situation and fade the actual picture so much so that we believe there wasn’t any positive to begin with and again, that we SHOULDN’T HAVE.

We feel so connected with these baseless thoughts that if we think about it, they have actually become an inseparable part of us, probably because we chose to make them. We have stopped living in the now. We have stopped appreciating ourselves, we have neglected to endorse ourselves. There aren’t a lot of people who tell you to, mainly because most of them are all victims of the same situation too.

Life is too short to be thinking about the mistakes we committed our entire lives. We are wasting our time wallowing in regret and this is another mistake that we are making. It isn’t too late to start appreciating ourselves and people and everything around us and kick all the negatives to the curb. It just makes life so much simpler and easier. Life becomes so much more beautiful when we live in the moment. So, shall we now? 🙂

As for what inspired me to write this post? I guess I’ll never know.


6 thoughts on “Distorted Thinking – Something we all suffer from

  1. Hmm…I know what inspired you to write this blog. I love it….. A good reminder to keep yourself positive. I needed it the most !!!! Xoxoxo

  2. Love your outlook! I’m such a perfectionist and sometimes I need a reminder that nobody is capable of perfection and being so hard on myself to achieve it isn’t going to help.

    • Thankyou so much 🙂
      Well, we all strive for perfection. What we don’t know is that perfection only stems from how we perceive things. Everything seems perfect when we just stop judging. And don’t be so hard on yourself for the little imperfections in life. We’re only human. We’d be God if we were perfect, right?
      Much love

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