Currently Lusting

Over the years I have come to realise that I CAN’T shop sanely, no matter how hard I try. Every weekend I have a list of things that I want added to my ever expanding wardrobe. So this weekend I thought of also posting about things that I’m currently lusting for. Here goes:

1. Peach Jeggings: I’ve been on Team Jeggings ever since I can remember. The snug and skin-tight look is what I like about them. And when they’re in a colour that you absolutely love, that’s an added bonus.

2. Aqua colour sandals: I have the same ones in beige but now I also want the same ones in Aqua. How gorgeous will they look paired with distressed shorts and white shirt! I can only imagine (for now 😀 )

3. MAC Riot Gear Nail Lacquer: GOTTA HAVE IT ! I have only recently discovered my fondness for the colours orange and peach. I agree that orange shade can look a tad tacky on nails if it isn’t the right shade, but I honestly couldn’t care less. It doesn’t look like a tacky orange, right? I guess I’ll only know if and when I go to MAC.


4. Leopard print shoulder bag: If there’s ONE leopard print thing I don’t have, that’s a leopard print (shoulder) bag. I’ve been wanting to one for as long as I can remember.  And today I thought its finally time I purchased one. So I put it in my lust list.

5. MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick:  I wonder why it doesn’t show the true orange-y colour in the picture above. Anyhow, so again since it’s a brightened ORANGE-coral colour, I thought I’ll give this one a try too. Do you not feel my obsession for orange now?

6. Sequin mini-skirt:  You have to have atleast one item in your wardrobe that’s Sequin. I don’t have one yet! Or do I? I don’t even know. A sequin skirt is perfect for parties (of-course!). So why not have one?

I hope I check all the items in this Lust List sooner because I just can’t wait to make another one. 😛 

Are YOU lusting for any of these items too?

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