Taking Men’s Formal Attire Up A Notch

Ever tried experimenting with what you wear to work? It’s time you did. You spend the majority of your time at work; spread some style while you can!  You don’t really have to spend a fortune to look good; all you have to do is tweak your outfit a bit, and incorporate a few things here and there. Easy-peasy!

Fit: – Wearing your clothing too big, too tight or too loose is the first mistake that you’re making. Take a good look at your clothing and the things that don’t fit you well, you probably need to get rid of them.  And if you can get your loose shirts or trousers to a good tailor, it’s going to be worth the money you invest in it. Look for slim fit shirts, but if you don’t like them, you always have the option of having them custom-made.

 Look at how well the shirt fits and how neat it looks. Image

Rise: Talking about the rise of your trousers, which is the distance between the top of the trousers and the bottom of your crotch area. Too big or too small a rise will do you no good. And because it is almost impossible to adjust the rise of the trousers later, make sure you pay attention to the same before purchasing one with such a defect.

So have your clothes adjusted to fit you, if you can’t or don’t want to purchase more.


Experiment with colors: – People often say that when it comes to work clothes, you should avoid experimenting with colours and styles. I say why not? Let go of the classic white or blue shirt, and experiment with pastels.

If you can’t carry off these colours, its fine! Wear something that is a little less flashy. zbut these colours look GORGEOUS!Image

 Have fun with ties:- You can take your formals up a notch by just playing with ties alone. How? It’s simple. Wear a tie that has a dash of bright colour in it. You might want to go easy on the shirt though. And if your tie has horizontal stripes, never wear it with a shirt with horizontal stripes. Vertical and horizontal stripes can’t be mixed together. EVER.


And have fun with socks:– I guess the picture below says it all.

ImagePhoto Credit: finchleyrow.blogspot.ca

Accessorize: Since we’re talking about wearing accessories to work, you have to be extra cautious. You want to project a professional image of yourself, so a big NO to over-accessorizing. A nice looking watch and  a pair of spectacles (optional but they look bad-ass.. that good 😀 ) should be more than enough.

No matter what you wear to work, there is absolutely no excuse for not looking good. After all, your attire alone has the capability to impress your boss(es).



3 thoughts on “Taking Men’s Formal Attire Up A Notch

  1. You are right. Men should wear more colors in their attire. I would love to see my husband wearing a colorful socks like those!

    • I know, right? Men are always sceptical of experimenting when it comes to colour. But good luck with making your husband bring about a change in his attire 🙂

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