Bored with Old accessories? Then go with Gold accessories

If you are looking to add a bit of that bling quotient to your jewellery, look no further. In accessories, gold makes a style statement like no other. I agree that too much of this bling is a big NO, but gold is a class apart. But yes, the right amount of gold in your outfit is also important. It amps up your look and makes you look so elegant and chic. If you are not a fan of the standard gold shade, there are other shades available these days  to choose from that you just can’t excuse yourself from buying it. Why would you not want to incorporate it in your outfit?

I have been addicted to gold (accessories) for quite some time now. They just make you feel and look so glamorous. Look at the photo below. Don’t you just instantly fall in love with it? BTW, I just recently added these items to my gold stock! And I love them to death 😀


OK so what are your (gold) options? Plenty. So we talk about first things first.

BAGS: If you plan your wardrobe around a hand-bag/clutch whatever, then you can save yourself some time, energy and money when it comes to gold(en) bags. Even if you don’t match them with anything that you’re wearing, you are sure to make a style-statement. You can carry one with everything because it REALLY does go with everything. Try it for yourself!


JEWELLERY: Please don’t get carried away and wear all the pieces of gold jewellery, that you have, together. Try to maintain a balance. Wearing a statement gold necklace, big bold ring, earrings and chunky bracelet all together, will do you no good. If you plan on sporting a bold necklace, then go easy on the earrings. One statement accessory at a time please. But how gorgeous do all these pieces of jewellery look?


NAIL PAINTS: We all have applied golden nail paint once in our lifetime, haven’t we? I have, many a times.  But I honestly didn’t like the look of it, probably because I have weird looking hands. I’d say I have the ugliest and manliest hands ever, so I thought its better not to show you a picture of the same 😛 . Anyhow, coming back to the golden nails (YOUR golden nails). All I want to say is if you don’t have my hands (which of-course you don’t because I have MY hands), they will look uber gorgeous.


CLOTHING: The key again is to keep just one statement piece and everything else subtle and subdued. Don’t be afraid to mix gold and silver together because they both do look good together. You can’t not be ready for a bit of a spotlight if you wear gold clothing. Remember to just go easy on the accessories.


SHOES: So you don’t want to try out all the options above but still want to have that bling quotient, then look no further than your feet because gold shoes are sure to sweep you off your feet (well, not literally). Whether you choose to wear the golden-y glitter-y heels or just shiny ballet flats, these beauties are sure (and I mean SUREEEE) to make (some) women drool!


Find out a way to make the ever-so-glamorous gold work for you, and I’m sure you’ll rock it!



4 thoughts on “Bored with Old accessories? Then go with Gold accessories

  1. Ooh, I really like a lot of these! Can you tell me where some of it’s from? I just bought a glittery gold dress for a party and am hunting for the perfect bag and shoes – the middle left bag would be perfect!

    • Thankyou hun! Well, I found the middle left one at . Here’s the link - . If you don’t like it, lemme know I’ll send you the links to the others as well. 🙂


  2. Seriously i would want to buy one such dress, one clutch and that nail paint for sure. these are just too awesome. And thanks for all the information :*

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