Timeless Classic Combination – White Blouse and Blue Jeans

A white blouse/top and blue jeans combination is such a good investment that I doubt anyone will ever regret buying it. It will work for you in every season you could possibly think of and you will continue to make a style statement regardless of what shoes and accessories you pair this combination with. And like I said in the last post, it is a staple wardrobe item so you can’t NOT have one.

When you can’t decide what to wear for an evening out with friends or that special someone, pair a white (peplum/dressy) blouse with ever-so-classy blue jeans.  For just a pop of colour to the outfit and to make more heads turn around 😉 , wear bright colored shoes and a matching clutch.


A more traditional and casual way is to wear a graphic white tee or a loose top with blue jeans (light or dark in colour it doesn’t matter). Match the sling bag/cross body bag with flats. And you’ve just perfected an outfit for a day time fun with your girl pals. It just looks smart and extremely comfortable.  And we don’t always have to wear heels right? When we wear flats more so than heels it just proves our point that we are not THAT beauty obsessed as some consider us to be.

A white top and denim shorts will make a very cute outfit (this is the only adjective I could think of 😀 ) . You can show your legs all you want, you’ll look super sexy and smart and fun at the same time. As much as I love the look of shorts with high heels, I feel a pair of flats would be a better match. Perfect for a camp fire with friends I guess? And of course you can play around with accessories to complete the look.

There is no end to the number of ways how we can dress and style this combination. This is just a fragment of the possibilities. Experiment with the look as much as you want because there is no wrong way of putting it together and you will surely rock it any way.

Until next time (or post) 😀




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