Timeless Classic Combination – White Shirt & Blue Jeans

A basic white shirt when paired with the classic blue jeans oozes simplicity and versatility and I guess it is only because of this reason that this age-less combination has never failed to impress and never will. It is by far the easiest combination to put together and pull off. Even if you aren’t fashion savvy, this look will make it look like you are. It is definitely something worth investing into because you can create tons of different styles with it. Ofcourse, you can create your own unique styles as well. Think about this – Is there any, and I mean ANY colour that you can’t pair your whites and blues with? And trust me when I say – a white shirt and blue jeans are everyone’s closet essentials.

When you can’t decide what to wear, THIS combination is always going to come to your rescue. Now whether you decide to wear the jeans with a tee or a button down shirt, get your accessories right and voila! Perfection!! Child’s play right? Absolutely. And when it comes to men, they have it in them to take this oh-so-simple look one level up.  Don’t you agree? 😛

Although a (white) tee compliments most body types, in case you don’t feel comfortable with snug clothing, you can always wear a button down shirt over it or a perhaps a blazer or a tailored jacket (t-shirts were initially created to be worn as undershirts anyway 🙂 ) All you need now is the right accessories and shoes and your look is complete!! Oh also what you need is your attitude and confidence on your sleeve. 😀


Like I said this combination is ever-green and the love that we all have for it is undying and love, I say, should always be encouraged, wherever and whomever it blooms for (it doesn’t make sense does it? lol)



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