Make-up on a Budget

Love make-up but can’t afford to empty your pockets every time you go shopping? You don’t HAVE TO buy high-end make-up products to look gorgeous.

Here’s a small list of basic make-up products (from well-known brands in India) that you can find for cheap on-line and also in stores near you:-

  • Foundation:- Who doesn’t need a foundation? It evens out your skin tone, gives an illusion of a flawless face and ofcourse it is the base for your make-up (for those who don’t use a Primer). We all know that foundations can be a tad too expensive, but here we have an option of LOTUS herbals foundation, which is 1- inexpensive, 2- herbal, 3- gives the same results as an expensive foundation AND 4- not at all harsh on the skin.

Image Natural Blend Comfort Liquid Foundation.

Retail Price – Rs. 225

There are on-line shopping websites for make-up like that sell it for as less as Rs. 198


  Pure Radiance Matte Glow Foundation.

Retail Price – Rs.175 price – Rs. 158

  • Pressed Powder:- For those of you who don’t know, a pressed powder solves two purposes – it sets the foundation controlling the shine and giving your skin a matte effect and it lightly evens out the skin tone. So here is Maybelline’s ClearGlow All-in-one Fairness Compact Powder and Oriflame’s Pure Colour Perfect Powder that will, without much effort, give you a shine-free and glow-y skin.

Image Retail Price – Rs. 175 Price – Rs. 163


Retail Price – Rs. 198 Price – Rs. 159

  • Blush:- So we all know that a Blush draws attention to your face by giving you that healthy shine on the cheeks when you smile. And ofcourse, it makes your face appear awake as well. Do we have a cheaper alternative to high-end blushes? We sure do.


Coloressence Satin Smooth Highlighter Blush

Retail Price – Rs.  220 Price – Rs. 187

  • Mascara:- Gives an illusion of bigger eyes by adding definition, length and body to your lashes. And here’s the cheaper alternative I found just for you.


Maybelline’s Hypercurl Volum’ Express Mascara

Retail Price – Rs. 200 Price – Rs. 186

  • Eyeliner:- To make your beautiful eyes look darker and larger than they are. And last (but not the least) thing on the Makeup on a Budget list is Lakme’s Insta-Liner. 


Lakme Insta-Liner

Retail Price – Rs. 80 Price – Rs. 74

These are the budget back-ups to pretty essential make-up products, ofcourse there are other things like bronzer, highlighter, illuminator, primer… but these are also the things that you can DO WITHOUT. So go ahead and indulge 🙂

Until next time




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