Outfit Idea (with a hint of Neon)

I seem to be pretty obsessed with Neon these days and I’m putting all my energy into incorporating Neons to outfits especially for those of you who don’t really want to experiment much with these hues. And undoubtedly, pulling off a look that has Neon in it can be pretty daunting at times. So here’s something that I created that is easy to carry off and at the same time very subtle as well.


1. Sleeveless Peplum Top – topshop.com

2. Skinny Jeans – topshop.com

3. Lime Green Statement Necklace – statementbaubles.com

4. MAC Ruby Woo – maccosmetics.com

5. Neon Piped Black Wedges – amazon.com

6. Black Handbag – amazon.com

I was on-line shopping and came across this gorgeous white peplum top (that I love to death) and I had to pair it with a bold lime green neck piece because you just can’t go wrong with this if you are scared of Neons (atleast that’s what I think), And to match this charming necklace, I teamed it with black wedges with Neon piping (How stunning are they!). Since the Neon that is used in the outfit is not over-powering at all and also since the Peplum top is neutral in colour, you could go for a red lip and a winged liner which would complete your look.

P.S. Links to websites in India that have similar looking stuff will soon be updated. So don’t forget to check back on this post 🙂

Until next time!!



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