The Bright, Bold and Beautiful Neon


The dazzling hues of yellows, greens, blues, pinks, corals… have taken over and they are here to stay. Everyone seems to be incorporating these vibrant hues in their outfits and why not? They are the best and biggest thing this Spring/Summer. If you think that Neon isn’t for you, think twice. All you gotta do is muster up a bit of courage and you can easily up the ante on your otherwise dreary outfit and take it from ‘uhh’ to ‘oooh’ .

neon colors

There are endless ways you can play with Neon.  If you don’t think that you are ready for a Neon outfit yet, you can always play safe with these nail paints. And they don’t only come in these three or four shades (these are only what I have:P), there is a plethora of Neon nail paints to choose from. Wear a neutral outfit and you can easily rock the bright-ened and bold-ened nails 😛 . The best part about Neon nails is that you don’t even have to match them with any accessory or your outfit for that matter. So go ahead, rock ‘em nails!


For those of you, who want to go a tad bold and daring, ACCESSORISE!! You can always go matchy-matchy with accessories (shoes-neckpiece, clutch-neckpiece, shoes-clutch…and the list goes on) and you can never go wrong. Try not to get carried away though.


And then there’s always Neon clothes. Create contrast, colour block, choose a neutral coloured top to go with your Neon jeans/skirt/shorts, add Neon accessories to your outfit.. there really are endless options and you can never get tired experimenting with your Neon style. Whatever you do, have fun and play along. 🙂

Bought anything Neon yet?


9 thoughts on “The Bright, Bold and Beautiful Neon

    • Neons are not really hard to pull off. It’s all about what you pair them with. But yes, at the same time it’s about how good they make you feel as well. 🙂

      How about you upload a photo of you in something Neon and then we’ll argue whether or Neons are for you.. 😛


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