Why I <3 High Heels

Writing your first blog post is a challenge in itself, however interesting it may be. There were so many things I wanted to write about first, but then I thought why not write about something that I ABSOLUTELY love – High Heels. So here’s my First ever blog post about Why I love them to death.

high heels 3_copyrite

Whether you absolutely love them or hate them, or even have a love/hate relationship with them, I bet a lot of you will relate to what I have to say πŸ˜€

Needless to say when you wear your favourite pair of those stunners, they instantly give you an illusion of long and slender legs. And who doesn’t want that?? I know I do, especially when I happen to have a longer torso and shorter legs (oh let’s not even go there for now) πŸ˜›

Apart from giving an illusion of longer legs (that I’m naturally not blessed with :D), high heels also make you feel oh-so-sexy AND slimmer. And not to forget, can you deny the Attention? How can you not notice women and men eyeing you (for different reasons ofcourse!) Don’t you just love all that high? A high that is beyond confidence, height, style.. a high of Power? High heels up your self-esteem and might instantly. I just feel wearing heels changes everything – your posture, your style, basically it changes the way you carry yourself.

I would never mind letting go of comfort for sex appeal.Β After-allΒ  that’s what high heels are for – Sex appeal.

There! I wrote all the obvious. How about you all share your views on what YOU love about high heels so much that they make you go ga-ga over them.

high heels 2_copyrite

P.S. I’m a shoe-a-holic. πŸ˜€



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