How to style your Leopard Print shoes

So you purchased a pair of leopard print shoes, but now it has been awhile they are rotting in your shoe closet, never even been worn once! Now you have a date or a girls’ night out, you just start wallowing in regret of having bought that pair you never used when you could have purchased a dress for this occasion. Worry not sister for what you are about to read might as well be considered as help sent from above. Oh well, who am I kidding? Follow these easy-to-remember do’s and don’ts, and I assure you heads WILL turn. And if you don’t mind a bit of a fan-following, then read-on!

leapord print_copyrite

So we all know that Leopard print shoes scream glamour, sex appeal and drama. Investing in these shoes is as good as investing in a pair of black pumps. However, taming these wild prints can sometimes be a Herculean task for many of us.  But if you do get the combination right, be prepared, because people WILL drool over your awe-inspiring style.


You can team your wild ones with:-

  • Classic white/black tee + blue jeans + red/maroon clutch = subtlety at its best
  • LBD/LRD + golden earrings and a bracelet = attention grabber
  • Red skinny jeans + button down shirt + golden hoop earrings = oh-so-sexy
  • Skin toned dress + a black clutch/hangbag


Never wear leopard print shoes with :-

  • A leopard print outfit (leopard on leopard = too much leopard)
  • Matching animal print accessories
  • Bright colours

As far as Leopard print goes – Less is definitely more. Believe it or not but leopard print is here to stay. So invest in a good pair and strut your stuff ladies!

Don’t forget to add in your own do’s and don’ts to the list. I’m all ears 😛 (or eyes :-/ )



3 thoughts on “How to style your Leopard Print shoes

  1. I have this GORGEOUS leopard print tank from Lip Service – it has a leather front pocket and the back is sheer (so cute) – I love wearing it with black pants, a denim jacket and chunky/punky accessories.

    The thing with animal print and denim is that people mix it together and it’s SO ugly – like denim jacket + denim pants seriously makes me want to vomit.

    • I totally agree. There were awful lot of don’ts that I wanted to add to the list but I couldn’t, fearing it would make my post a bit too boring for people to read. People keep making some SERIOUS fashion faux pas when it comes to animal prints. Good lord! If this post helps any one of those, I’d be more than happy 😛

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